Yeah man ... Sitting here in Starbucks waiting for my GF to finish work and fetch her home for a nap. Then more entertainment/dating after that...Is there there a "Too early" or "Too late" for GF ? No loh ... At least I can have my time here reading BLogs and write my own entry ~ hehehe.


  1. Anonymous said...
    zou san!!! ^_^
    国源 said...
    haha....wat a good bf!!
    Anonymous said...
    I remember that Starbucks at the corner! went there with Emily and L B once, they didn't have air-conditioning on, so the very hot liao. enjoy your cuppa and free WiFi!
    c a r c a r said...
    yes, never too early or too late for the one that u love.
    King's wife said...
    The starbucks looks like belum bukak. Peace and quiet for you to blog.
    Your gf is lucky to have you.
    AhTak said...
    ZZZz..... huh ?? oh !!! Zou San !!!!

    I can also have time to edit pictures and Blog ler ~ hehehhe

    I did ! But the coffee not as good compared with the one in Ikano .. hhmm.... I thought Starbucks everywhere the same, but not...

    Maybe a little late to reply my comments ~ hehehe. Had a great weekends thou ~

    Starbucks sudah buka ler, only my eyes belum buka, still dreaming ~ hahahahha.
    Me lucky to have her too ...

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