This is when you have a photographer as BF. Nothing better to do at home, or sometimes makeup are nice, or BF thinks there's a good lighting. Photoshooting lah ofcoz.

Exposure Info:

Nikon D70s with 50mm.

Aperture: f1.8

Shutter Speed: 1/13

ISO: 400

Natural Lighting from the window.

Some touch up is PS.

A very free BF.

A manja look.


  1. 国源 said...
    so good to have a 50mm f1.8!!!
    Unknown said...
    what a lense with f1.8!!! 50mm fix lense always the best!
    AhTak said...
    KY, KennyNG:
    Yeah ... Nikkor 50mm 1.8, Sharpess at the Cheapest !!! Must have it in your camera bag ~
    seefei said...
    nothing to see ah tak! more field of depth please!

    nikon d80 and canon 400d, which one is better? can advise?
    AhTak said...
    more DOF and more slap on my face then, hahahahahaha.
    I think .... D80 maybe, coz I am using a Nikon. I like the build, color recreation, Quality of lens, and .... I prefer Nikon.

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