What's Wrong ?

edited in English:

Tell dun want listen,

listen dun want do,

do also do wrong,

wrong dun want admit,

learned but never change ...

Nvm ... you win ...


  1. rainbow angeles said...
    Dun like that ler...
    *Hughug loh...*
    Anonymous said...
    aiyo... ahtak, I come say hello nanti, ok? they dun listen their problem lor... *hugs*
    国源 said...
    haha..ahtak,what is tht?why i cant read 1?
    L B said...
    Aiyo... Susah ni... Lormaikai, we go?
    Unknown said...
    y cant see the chinese words at all?
    King's wife said...
    few words, strong message.
    Relax, ok?
    AhTak said...
    *HugHug .....*

    come come ~~~ faii ditt come ~~~~

    hehehe ~ I put english there already ~ And i put the chinese words in a picture file, sure no problem ~

    LormaKai ? Can I have Ipoh white coffee together with it ?
    *White kopi Ice khau kha satu ~~~~~~~~~~ *

    Now can already ?~ hehehehe

    Yeah ~ Nothing else can be done other than Relax ~~~
    Unknown said...
    hehehe... now can oledi...

    who u pointed at?
    AhTak said...
    No one, perhaprs everyone ? All of us ?~ hehehehehehe. We all still have lots to learn, from others and from experiance, then only we'll grow strong ~ hehehehe
    Kiss my ass said...
    hrmm... i know where you got the caption from...... it's one of my favourite funny flicks too..

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