Wah ... Leng Ah !!!!

A lucky customer ( Sarah ) come to my shop and bought the first New iPod Nano 8GB from me !!! Wow !!! Cool ... Cant wait to get 1 for myself .. hhmm..... RM1149 ... got to kumpul money first ~


  1. Anonymous said...
    waaaa...WAAAAA!! I also want! but then ah, I already have the iPod photo... waste money to get another one ler.

    pssssst... I know someone else who bought one too... LOLOL!
    King's wife said...
    really nice hor?
    Does Sarah have a blog? hahaha...
    Wingz said...
    oi oi RM1149 is not hengdai plice rite? hengdai plice is RM149 oni right anot??!!!
    国源 said...
    Haha..apple is really incredible lar..
    ahtak,then the 4GB nano got drop price or not?
    how bout the new iPod Shuffle leh?Arrive oredi or not?i might want to buy 1..kekek~
    L B said...
    *cough* any day now... any day now.... 8GB.... 8GB... engraved... any day now... *cough*
    Simple American said...
    I don't know. I really like my video iPod.
    AhTak said...
    Sorry falks ... been busy lately .. and ... been thinking too much, so no time to reply comments and post new entry .. sorry ler .... :(

    Who ??? Who is the someone hur ????

    no wow.... but she said she does read blogs sometimes ... but never heard of mine before .. :(

    HouHengDai price for you: RM11149 ~ no problem lah ~hehehe

    come come come ~~ Show you all the iPods i have ~ The old one drop price mah ~~ come come ~ hehehe

    yoh ........ I want the 8GB/4GB Blue .... :(

    I still lvoe my Nano ... no excuse to get the new one ... :(

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