Got all the colors in my shop yesterday .. So just play around with them .... Which color you like ler ???

Then Later after noon Pang came to visit me, he is a very good friend of mine, know each other for so many years ago. He is the one lah, introduce Mac to me, and play band with me, as the guitarist and me as the bassist, great memory we had ... hehehehe. Then ofcoz we went for a late lunch together.

So we ended up in Lan Kwai Fong@The Curve ~

He ordered himself a Curry Pork Rice, which sucks. The curry don't have any curry taste at all, jsut taste alot of chili ... yucks ... Actually he came today wanted to learn some tips for photography and Photoshop too. But you know me lah, not good in both also mah. So just taught him some basic composition tips and little bit of retouching skill in PS. The simple stuffs lah, as I dun know much also ~ hahahahah

ShortNote: I am really sorry for late updates and replying comments.Coz lately I am not in a mood for anything lately. Hearing some bad news from friends and work in a shop that's always not enuff staffs are really stressful. Well, hopefully things can go well soon ... and ... Love can overcome anything, I think I am alot more happier ever. Start to miss her already. heheheh


  1. Simple American said...
    Speed commenting isn't everything. Just get to it when time allows.

    I take the black Nano to match my vid iPod. But am partial to blue to tell you the truth.
    +wennie said...
    u stil owe me G5, 20 inch mia. pokkai! >_<
    AhTak said...
    I like the blue too .... but my wallet doenst seems to like any of the new iPods .. hahahahaha

    Where got ??? Your boss sendiri dun want to buy ~ hahahaha. Ask for the 24" one lah ~ hehehehe
    +wennie said...
    got lah! u said if i go chui min ur gf to marry u den i can redeem G5 frm u one.

    now u gong guo mm shuen sou ah?! pokkai! >_<
    AhTak said...

    ta yuen zai mm yiu wo siong ... guo qiu chau ban ... fan juen ju tou jao hai c !!! hahahaha, just kidding lah .... come tomolo ~ you can a G5 poster absolutly FREE !!! hehehe
    +wennie said...

    next time i go chui min ur gf to fei 9 u. nln
    AhTak said...

    wah ... mm hou lah ~~~ ngo ta 9 nei kah !!! HAHAHAHAHAH

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