Happy time fly so fast ... Too fast to furious I dont even have time to sit down and jot down what I have been doing lately, other than I am happy with my GF, and that's what I have been asking/wishing for so long. Years ...

She told me things that I thought I wont hear anymore,

She told me things that I have never thought before,

She gave me hope that I never dare to thought of,

She show me myself, that I never met before.

I want to live everyday with you, it's hard,

I want to share everything with you, it's hard,

I want to live a life with you, it's hard,

I want to show you love, I don't know how.

Promises to make and promises keep,

I will keep on trying, untill you say 'Yes'.

And here I want to tell the world, I found her...

Seriously I wish she will the my last...


  1. titoki said...
    Wow, what did she tell you jek?!

    So low-man-dick liddat can die!!! ;p
    Anonymous said...
    love is a many splendoured thing! awwwww... isn't it such a nice, warm 'n fuzzy feeling inside? *grin*
    Chong Sze Wooi said...

    I dropped by the shop u r working in Ikano just now, remember? I wore orange coloured polo t-shirt. Gave u a compliment about the pics in ur blog.

    I like ur blog. Beautiful words and beautiful photos
    Nine3 Nine3 said...
    C O O L
    Simple American said...
    Love makes the world turn...

    Really really fast. haha

    Enjoy enjoy.
    Cocka Doodle said...
    Ah Tak, do you fish? Maybe we should go fishing someday.
    Fishing taught me a great virtue....'patience.'
    Jo said...
    I agree with Cocka. Patience my dear Tak Tak.
    +wennie said...
    awwww...... lam sei. ^^
    Dai Sotong-san said...
    Dun so "gun cheong and kam cheng" lar....Patience, my friend :)
    L B said...
    Buy her a pink iPod nano..
    AhTak said...
    her ah ? ... hhmm...... secret ~ hehehehe

    Feels Great !!! hehehehe

    Wah .. scared me abit ler you ~ hehehe. Thanks for coming and hope you enjoy the stay ~ hehehe

    It's A W E S O M E !!!

    Indeed ... But it make my office hour slow like snail ... : (

    Patience: That's what I don't have, I take up Photography hoping that I can learn and be with Patience, but I bet I still have more to learn and long way to go ... I will try to.

    HHmm.... Tahan-ing ... Understand that Patience is the only way to success, but I can't help with what my mind is asking me to do... Maybe too fast, maybe too much ... Too much for the Giver,never enough for the Taker ....?

    Lam dou nei mou yong lah, yiu lam dou khui ji dak geh ~ Wa si wa, gei si dak han chut lei yam cha kah ?????????????????

    I will remember that and will think about it seriously ...

    Anything for her, as long as she want and I can affort ~ hehehehe
    +wennie said...
    aiyo.... ngor chum yat shin hui ikano jah... bat guo ngor thung pang yao yat chai, gon shi gan soh yi mou wan nei... mm hou yi shi ah. T^T ngor hou fai wui wan nei yam cha gah lah. ^^

    p/s: dim gai lam mm dou kui jeh? ngor gum 'MAN' dou lam dou joh, mou lei yao kui mm lam gah... hmm...
    AhTak said...
    mm hai gar... zai gong mou yong ger , yiu hui jou ji dak gah ~~~ heheh

    Ngo Dang Nei !!! Fai 9 7 dit lah !!!
    Simple American said...
    Oh I could just imagine. Drat that. :)
    Anonymous said...
    AhTak said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    AhTak said...
    Dun worry .... I will do my best ..!

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