I like ...

Since young young already I like to sketch .. just that my skills with pen/pencils really bad, I cant even draw a circle or a straight line nicely ... : (


  1. titoki said...
    Nice. Did you draw that yourself? :)
    L B said...
    I used to draw little drawings too, when I was small.. with crayons, colored pencils, magic markers, paint brushes, chalk, charcoal.. but now, it's all on the computer.. Not as messy, but not as real.
    Simple American said...
    You drew that? or is that a filter in photoshop? If it is I would sure like to learn it. :)

    Nicely done, whatever the technique.
    +wennie said...
    me art student. me ajar u draw lines n circles. mau? ^^
    AhTak said...
    Titoki, Simpleamerican:
    No ler ... Converted using Photoshop .. hehehehe, I wish I can draw nicely to ~ hehehe

    yah ... Still miss the 2B and 4B and 6B pencils ... solid 3D feel on the paper ... hehehe

    Sure mou ??? Then faii ditt come teach me lah !!! Fai ditt !!!
    +wennie said...

    1st, get urself a 2B chipet... i mean pencil -_-"

    2nd, den get urself a piece of wat suet suet mia paper

    3rd, den.... DRAW!

    easy leh~ ;)
    AhTak said...

    diu ...... -_-'''
    Emily said...
    Nicely done Ah Tak :)
    AhTak said...
    Thanks ~~~ but what happened to your photography ? seems like ... less pictures liddat .. me also less pictures liao ... :(
    Anonymous said...
    Not really in the mood to take pictures currently, but that will change soon :)


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