I have no idea why ... People can be so " not-responsibble"...

I use to love to work hard, really hard for the company. I have never been late ( infact, 20mins earlier before shop open ), and never been late ( always last to leave ) to work. I know what if work hard, all the effort i put will return in cash-form and go in my pocket as commission. I sale really hard, spending time telling customer what Mac is all about and even spend time explaining what is the different betweem Mac and Windows. And also, when my customer return to me, I never hestitate to help solving thier problems with the Mac they have, mostly software or settings or equivalent software to use in the Mac. I used to be Top-Sales for 6 months in a role. But not now ...

My hardwork didnt come to my own pocket anymore. I am just working like a cow, so hard for nothing or for other's pocket. Spending so much time explaining/talking/selling Mac to customer, but at the end the deal didnt go to me. Some go to other shop to buy, why? Cheaper mah, more free gifts mah... Customers now a day don't care about service already, unlike before. Last time customer care alot about service, as they know that there will be a lot of questions to ask after buying a Mac, coz they are new. I understand that cause i switch from Windows too, so I never 'Say No' to the customers that come to ask me questions, but lately I have more customers come to ask me questions/service rather than buying. More people start to sell Mac, you will see Mac anywhere now, almost every shopping center also have one, like coffee shop liddat.

But sometimes I got some 'news' from my customers, saying other shop attitude no good lah, no knowledgable lah, not helpful lah, this lah, that lah, then I start to worry for my own. I do have colleague who dunno anything about Mac and selling Mac. Most of the time I will have to back them up. Like what software to use in a Mac for Video Editing lah, how to use iPhoto lah, how to do SoundRecording with a Mac lah, how to transfer data between Mac and Windows lah, how to setup network lah, and all sorts of things...Then close deal lah ofcoz, the deal belongs to my colleague, coz it's him who entertain the customer, not me. But the thing is, they never learn, while I was busy helping them to answer questions, they will go away and serve other customer and try to close another deal, and by the time I' done with the previous customer, they have 2 closed deal, while I am still like and idiot helping them out... Is this what we call " Work the smart way, not the hard way"

My hard work is not beneficial, learning new things trying to improve myself is not beneficial, software testings/tryouts so I know more compare to my customers is not beneficial, and why am I doing all this ?

Current state: 3 sales person in the showroom. Which means I will have to handle everything that's related to Mac, including entertain customer, calling suppliers for stock, answer call regarding Mac, handle customer that come in for warranty/complain/service/setting-ups/questions/ ..... Haih .... And the funnist question I ever heard from customer:

eehh... is you iMac have anything to do with the ' i ' Air-Conditioner ah ?


  1. Anonymous said...
    hey..ahtak..the more peeples turn u down..the more u will learn..it's true one..just have to put on the thick skin la...n yes..u must oso work smart..dun let the other colleagues take advantage of u...just think abt wat i suggested to u the other day la..if u nid any help..u know where to find me..
    Simple American said...
    Have you ever considered working for one of the other Apple shops? Or opening your own? Just wonder if that might bring you some more green (or whatever color Malaysian money is).
    Chong Sze Wooi said...

    Don't have to get upset. The difficulties you are facing now might present you a new challenge or a new opportunity. Take up this new challenge with your head held high.

    AhTak said...
    Well .... still considering ..... hhmm ..... i hate making decisions ....

    thought of that before ... but cash not enuff .... : (

    Life full of challenge hur ... if no challenge i guess i wont learn anything and is a kampung boy dunno anything ...
    titoki said...
    So what's your plan? Change job? :)

    I'll cum and cheer u up tomorrow laa!!!
    L B said...
    Ok, I understand that totally.. I am currently going thru some horrid shit at work too. Really cheelakak summore.. Maybe we'll start up a new Coffee Stall somewhere together (near the pantai, no traffic jams, balmy weather everyday, Copacabana Girls nearby, good Lormaikai next door, and no stress.. just good life ~ and enough to buy a new Mac every so often.) Good plan?
    Jo said...
    Hmmmm... the part where you said something something not beneficial.. well, I think many of us fail to see the bigger picture.

    Maybe you can think of it this way. This may not be beneficial for me NOW, but it will be for the future.

    Its like when you try to save RM10 a day and you think, "aiyah, RM10 is so little, and I have to sacrifice my favourite drink or food, might as well spend it. Afterall so little money won't make a difference." But in the long run, saving RM10 a day makes A LOT of difference taking into account the effect of compounding interest.

    Know what I mean. Think far.

    I believe that working smart is only half of the equation, the other half comes determination and hard work.

    I think you enjoy what you are currently doing. You have passion for it. Right?

    Cos if I am wrong about that, then you definitely have to rethink about your next move. You should not be doing something that you do not enjoy in the long term.

    Fuiyoh... sorry ah.. Jomel jie jie very cheong hei today. LOL!
    AhTak said...
    not now ler ... i still waiting waiting for that RM5000 per month do nothing just sit in the office kind of job ... HAHHAHAHAHA

    Sounds great !!! Base in Italy and open a few branches in Malaysia so we can always come back for Yim Guk Gai and the Fried Suet Gou ??? hehehe

    Chance/Oppurtunity/Luck part of the equation also ... just waiting and trying to seek around ... No job in this world would be easy, it's how much you get in return for the effort, no ?

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