Just Do It !!

Think so much for what ? It won't help. Just go do your best ! Never try never know what ... Don't let the neagative thoughts ruin your plan, or your life.


  1. Jo said...
    ya lor tak tak! Just do it!!

    pst.. are you asking the man to jump from the balcony ah?
    Anonymous said...
    hah...like tat la..ah tak...nothing is impossible geh...ahtak go go go...
    国源 said...
    Haha..ahtak,u're talking bout the officer there ah? she/he is making a good post for u to shoot lar,ahaha..
    Simple American said...
    Sounds great. Go do it. :)
    Winn said...
    is that a policeman?
    Unknown said...
    hey rocker... kenny here, nice to meet u on the sat meeting. keep on rocking!
    AhTak said...
    Just do it !!! Doing it already lo ~~ hehehehe

    well, atleast we tried and we knew we've tried our best ~ Sometimes it's not the result, it's the 'process' that we care ~ hehehe

    'accidently' saw this guard lou posing while i am on the escalator lu ~ hehehe. You pics getting better and better and better too ~~~ Keep it up !

    Yeah, out of my best already ~ No regrets !!!

    Is the Sek Jiu @ The Curve

    Nice meeting you too !!! No time and and my band members not around in KL ler ... got to wait till I go back Sabah ... :(
    King's wife said...
    wah, doing what ah? *acts blur*
    AhTak said...
    doing what ah ? .. doing ... considerasion ..... determination .... thinking .... doing ... alot lah ~~ haih ...

    *go back do work ... *

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