Standard wake up time: 9:30AM

Today, this morning : 6:45AM


So early still can see the moon ... ZZzzzZZzz ....

Why ler ? Want to sent her to work ler... Today is her first day to work mah, then must teman her lo ~ heheheh. Well, waking up early and go to work in KL is no kidding. How many of you stay in PJ and work in KL ??? Hopefully none of you. Coz the jam I can see from the LRT to the road was insane... seriously insane.


Even People also have traffic ... so heavy somemore... Everybody Rush Rush Rush ...

Both of us wake up so early coz scare not enuff time for the travelling. Taxi->LRT->Walk. Taxi from Pelangi Damasara(my place) to Kelana Jaya cost freaking RM8.60 !!! But it's the only way, there's no bus from my place to any LRT stations.... Damm... And if wake up @ 6:45AM and still late to work, something is seriously not right, right ? Anyway ... Waiting for the bank loan for my car, and hopefully everything can settle by next week. Then at least I can send her to work ler, at least LRT station? Then I can take the LRT with her, then I go to work after that. See how ler, coz maybe she will be based in Uptown later, which should be alot easier than going down to KL. Insane ler the traffic... Been waiting to send my GF to work with my own car for so long, wish we luck that I can get my car faster ...


KLCC early in the morning. I think the last time I went KLCC is ... 2 PCFair ago.

Some other pictures around/inside KLCC:




Hhmm... Feel strange today. Abit not happy and mostly worry. Worry if she know where to go for good lunch, worry if she can adapt the enviorment, worry if she has a good boss, worry if got ham sap lou starring at her, worry if her colleagues are treating her nice, worry if the male colleagues are trying to be 'funny' which we name them 'Wu Tiong Tiong'. Fuck off ok you all Wu Tiong Tiong, leave me and my GF alone, and go get a life !!! ... And ofcoz worry if she got miss me or not ...


  1. L B said...
    Got miss or not? Main question of the day! %)
    AhTak said...
    Yeah man ... So worry .... It's not easy trying to be a good man that one will love ...

    *am wriiting an entry bout that...*
    Cocka Doodle said... 9 much worries.
    make her housewife lah.....stay at home so no mah latt lou and humsap boss can kacau at her.
    AhTak said...
    Aiya Lou Sai ... 1 good thing, that you are not her boss!!! HAHAHAHAH..... Seriously, am working really hard towards that already... Not easy already ler ......
    Jo said...
    Ah Tak, I know you are trying to be the perfect boyfriend to Jac. But this world is not perfect ler. You gotta learn to let go a little.

    When a person is going into a new phase of her life, facing the real big world outside where there will be hum sap lous, and 'wu tiong tiong', and bad bosses, and bitchy colleagues, she will definitely change. More street smart and hopefully for the wiser.

    Both of you have to be prepared for these changes and do not expect everything to be so rosy. The least expectations you have of each other, the least you will get hurt. Understand?
    AhTak said...
    Been there, Seen It, Done that ... I will have to try my best. At least to prove and hopefully ... Things will go well. Please wish me luck too ... I need them too.
    Anonymous said...
    sure got miss wan... heheheh! wishing you all the best, and hope you get that car soon!
    Anonymous said...
    I'm sure both of you will do just fine..! love conquers all..!!
    titoki said...
    I can tell that you really sayang your gf.

    Abuthen I reckon that giving space to each other to breathe, grow and learn is important in a relationship.

    There is a saying goes,
    男人不应该让女人流泪, 女人也不应该让男人太累.

    Jo said...
    good saying titoki!
    Anonymous said...
    anyway, up to u to believe, but seriously, kl is not jam at all la.

    Simple American said...
    She'll be fine. Girls are tough. Actually tougher than guys. Why God gave men more muscle so he don't get beat up by his woman. Because they would if they could. haha

    I hope everything went well for both of you. Her getting along in her job and you getting a car.

    Your pics are great as always. Showed me a couple of angles on the towers I had not seen before.
    The Miserable said...

    keep that in your mind!!
    AhTak said...
    Soon .... very soon already ... heheheh

    Yes !!! Walk thru this ... and I think it will be ok for the rest already.....

    Hhmm... I think I am pushing it too hard ... Tense wont help anything right ? ... But other than work harder, I dont have anything else to touch her heart ... I will try my best, and let see how it goes ~ ; )

    I got to get the car first then I'll know ?~ hehehehe, havent drive in KL before ler ... got to be fun ! hehe

    Thanks ! ... Yah, things got to be sorted out somehow ... I will take it as ... a challenge ? Go thru it, everything will be fine..

    男人太壞.女人走開... hehehehe
    I am still finding away to balance ...
    titoki said...
    Don't listen to Tiuniasing!
    The Miserable said...
    work smart dude, not work hard!!
    Dai Sotong-san said...
    Hey buddy, you worry too much lar. she's a big baby now, know how to take care of herself.
    AhTak said...
    Dont worry ... I wont .. HAHAHAHAH

    I know... but here, now the only way for me to survive is work hard, harder the better ... Looking for a way out now ... And still waiting for you to come find me Lunch !!!

    hehehe... know that.. but still got worry mah ... haih .. hope i din bring her any trouble becoz of that ...

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