Happy Weekend ahead !

Picture was taken months back in Zoo Negara, shooting together with MaxKY and another friend. How do you like it ? Or .. do you like it ?

Can't wait till saturday morning where the AirCon will be installed in my place ler ~ Wow ~ Not more hot stuffy nights shower ~ Yeah ~~~ So I was thinking of staying back at home on the whole weeked ler, playing PSP and watching DVD. HHmm .. but kind of weird ah. It wasn't raining at all and so hot from last Saturday till this Monday, so I beh tahan already so place an order for an AirCon on Tuesday. Just after I pay the deposit and confirm on the installation date, it started raining since that night till today. Hhmm ...But I dont care lah, it will be 16˚celcius from Saturday afternoo till Monday morning. You all have a nice Weekend also ah !


  1. 国源 said...
    wah, so long time ad wor, haha..but mine sux ler, tht time my hand shake like hell..
    good lor, got aircon ad, then ahtak will become fatter n fatter ler, LOL!
    AhTak said...
    Oh lan loh .... become even more the Fei Hai ... diu loh....

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