Damm the Spam

I had enuff !!! Been receiving more and more comments from the beloved 'Anonymous' , today NOW ON I will have to turn on the 'Authenticate to Comment' . Soli on the inconvenient caused, please blame 'Anoymous'.

Also I've noticed this morning ( maybe it's been a while ), the Hotmail have upgraded thier mailbox size from tiny 2MB to 1024MB, this is a good news for me cause I use the Hotmail account to receive my junk/spam mails.

I've got 4 email accounts on hand that 3 of them are active. Gmail for my daily use, a company email to look pro and up to standard ( everyone got comapy mail mah, so I also want lah ), and also Hotmail to recieve junk.spam. How do I actually direct all the spams and junk to Hotmail ? Remeber all the forms that you fill up that required emails, survery forms, registration of some events, registrations of some memberships ... those you know you wont be getting any useful emails, you fill in an email account that you'll never check... hahaha. Few years back I had time trying to receive Hotmail using email clients on a local computer, simple saying, using email clients like Mail or Thunderbird for Mac, Outlook Express for Windows. Good thing about using a client to check all my mails is that I don't need to open so many websites to log in and read all the mails, I can just download all the mails from 3 different acounts into 1, abit blur ? Let me show you ...

See, I have all my emails from different accounts under 1 Window, isn't that alot more easier to check/read/delete you mails ?
It even let you setup you own 'Rules'. Like the above, I tell the Mail to PASS all emails from STEVE to a folder named FRIEND. Coz I know that nothing from him will be important and most of the emails is either porn or funny emails, which I might dont want to read them in the office .. hehehehe. The idea is, all the mails in the email clients are all save in my computer, so that I can read whenever I want no matter there's internet connection or none.

I think there's alot of people have no idea how to receive Hotmail using email Clients, here I'll show you a simple tutorial:

  • First Download a software name HTTPmail

  • Install the software accordingly, how ? Read the 'Read Me.pdf' that comes along with the software.

  • Setup the software by giving all the information required, how ? Just fill in the blanks accordingly.

  • Start receiving emails from Hotmail !!

  • Isn't that easy ? hehehehe. Please enjoy yourself.

    Class Dismiss ~~~


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