It was this morning, MSN with TS about his comment in my previous entry about Virus thingie....

TS: Why your MSN no avatar geh ?
Tak:HHmm ... Maybe server slow update gua ...
TS :Let me see ... Oh, it's my setting, User's Fault .HAHAHA
TS: Just format my PC, now loading very fast !
Tak: That only for 3 months ? Then kena format again .. HAHAHAHa
TS: Sot Q jor ah ? No need that frequent lah ~
Tak: Last time I format my PC every 3 months ler, 3 months the .dll and registry will sure cacat, summmore full of virus .
TS: You sot mah, watch too much HamDai ler
Tak:Diu, HamDai got Virus one meh ???
TaK: Hhmm ... Must be the HamDai Virus, once watched and sure will want to watch everyday !!! HHAHHAHAHA

Picture from Proceed only 18 and above, at your own risk with HamDai Virus detected.

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  1. Unknown said...
    mummy ask u not to watch hamdai liau ler ... notti boy ~

    kena virus , then u blame MS Windows again ~

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