For those who got miss me, I think you must be wondering " Where the hell is AhTak? So long never update .. ". To tell you all the truth, I've been busy.. HAHAHAHHA, standard answers to :"Wei, long time no see, where have you been ?" kind of questions. Actually have been really busy recently ler, serious. TAking wedding pictures, wander around town, look for some friends to Yam Cha, Go here Go there till no time to blog. Please excuse me ... ( colleague asking for assistance ) ...

Good thing for me is that it's been raining heavily these few nights, so with out the AirCon I still be able to sleep tight. But anyhow I will be getting the AirCon next month, and another wedding shoot coming next month, so please wish me luck.

Driving In KL has never need pleasent, as up till today. I never like driving in KL as nobody seems to know how to use thier signal light properly and the queue-cutting was awesome ( with no signal light )... Specially in rainny days, I really feel like get down the car and wake those buggers with thier signal light, saying :" UI !!! Use the blardy signal light lah ! It's not made for decoration, OKAY ?! Now go f*ck yourself with that Signal Light !" ... That thing keep on coming out of my head as I was drining back home, cant wait to have dinner with my gf ...

Open your eyes big big so you don't bang those idiots who never user signal lights

As the proof to you all that I'm really busy with things on my hand:

And these are only 1/345 of pictures that I need to adjust some white balance and coloring. Coz I dun have D200 for the SuperAccurate White Balance and a AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8G IF-ED which is very good for Wedding dinner as the f2.8 will privide me better exposure in low light ( less handshake/lower ISO/Less Flash ) and 17mm are wide enuff to capture group pictures of 15~20 peoples . Need to work harder for those tools ler. If any of you are getting married soon, let me know. Any of your friends getting merried soon, let me know. I give good price if they tell me they got read my blog ~ hehehhe

PS: 3 sentences that makes me fly last week...

"Wah, the pictures very nice wow, the angle very special and very good exposure, who take one ah ?"

"Wah, your pictures better than that studio guy ler ~~"

"Luckily you were here for my wedding, you captured the moments, thanks dude !" * And hand me over an AngPao*


  1. Anonymous said...
    hmmmm.....i'm wondering where is my pic~~~~~~
    国源 said...
    Lol...Know ur skill geng lar, Noneed Lansi 1!!
    Haha..Everyone hate tht kind of person too, dunno how to use signal,jz like today puchong thr got 3 car accident,then cause heavy traffic , then all the car cut in here, cut in thr, like the Dick cannot wait for Fxxk!!
    AhTak said...
    Li so hai finding lubang ~ hahahahah
    The Miserable said...
    Wahh... Lucky kenot see my face!!
    Unknown said...
    take care for ur health
    AhTak said...
    Diu ~~~ I try so hard not to tell anyone i took picture for you and you sediri come here Bao Dai Wok ?!?!?!?

    Science Hunter:
    ; )

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