I hate choices ...

The place that I'm living now is quite warm and stuffy, most of the time. The only time that I can't feel it is when I'm not at home or it's raining dogshit outside. Hhhmm .... It's getting worse lately where it's damm super hot in the morning and rarely rains at night. Sometimes it's THAT hot untill sweat come out and I have to go take a bath then only I can continue sleeping. Trying to save some good money I tried putting another Standing Fan to enhance the air-flow, but that didnt help .. :(

So I was thinking, can't save that kind of money unless I want to wake up and take a shower everynight, and woke up my gf middle of the night... no no .... So I was thinking:

York AirCon. This one damm famous for making air-con right ? I think every office use this brand also. Also I saw a few of my friends are using this brand, so far no complain ....

Another choice would be Panasonic Envio Leng Chi Ji! Must be damm good untill the Radio puts thier name on everyday and night, hear untill want to vomit.

My concern...

1. Coldness ... I love sleeping in cold. 16˚or lower would be just nice, plus gf and a thick comforter ofcoz.

2. Look of the remote control. Must be damm canggih untill my gf dunno how to use. ( she like to switch 16˚to something else).

3. Price. It would be good if anything less than RM1000, or RM1199.

4. Maitenance. Easy to change/wash the filters ? Guess I will be the one doing it.

Anyone of you have opinion any other brands/models/shop/offer please leave a comment, ok ? Your comment will decide what's gonna be install in my room. AirCon salesman fast fast come ~ hehehehe


  1. +wennie said...
    mahai... moi fan 9 ngor lah. ask ppl to comment but den u tak reply pun. makes me majiam sohai like tht...

    boycott 9 nei moi bong chan ahtak.blogspot.com joh.
    AhTak said...
    mm dak hann a mah .... mm hou gamm lah ~~ soli soli soli ~~~~hehehe
    Anonymous said...
    Go get hitachi aircond. Very cold and powerful. And definately, you'll sleep better every night.
    Unknown said...
    saw da ads today ~

    1.5hp iS around RM 1599 or RM 1699
    on sinchew paper :>

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