Yeah Yeah ... Had a fun and exiciting and HAPPY Weekend !!! What could be better than buying gitf for myself and sumemore got present ?! hahahahah ~~~

First of all, from my GF:

A SUPER VERY THE YAO YING PAIR OF AIR JORDAN SLIPPERS !!! The Jumpman HydroIII !!!Dont you think they are SUPER YAO YING TOO ?!?!! Yes, it's very yao ying. I can tell that because ..... There were a few sohai keep on starring at my pair on Air Jordan Slippers, I can tell that they want to say:" WAH !!! Hou lan ying wow !!! Ngo Yao Yiu !!!!" ..hahahaha. I guess it would be more funny if there's saliva coming out from there mouth !! hahahahaha.

  • The Slippers are , very Yao Ying.

  • They are very comfortable.

  • I love Jordan Very very very much

  • They black in color with a Jumpman Logo on it

  • I love them ... Thanks Honey ~

    And this, I buy for myself ... :

    Pioneer DEH-P390MP

    It's been a long time I wanted to change my CD Player, coz it looks ugly, it uses disc-changer that's located in the boot, and it's super difficult to change disc...And it can connect to my iPod ( I dun trust FM transmitters )... Then I saw this.hehehehe...
    'Excuses' to buy :

  • Have a Aux in, that can plugin an iPod using 35mm jack

  • Support MP3/WMA CD, eventhought WMA sucks...

  • Red color that matches perfectly with my dashboard

  • Panels available for WAJA that doesnt leave a hole or ungly leftovers

  • Sounds quality is ALOT better than the original one ( Clarion )

  • It comes with a Remote

  • It's cheap, RM 480only

    1. Unknown said...
      wear jordan selipar , can fly to da sky ?

      国源 said...
      Linsi betul ini ahtak, selipar pun mau jordan punya!
      国源 said...
      Linsi betul ini ahtak, selipar pun mau jordan punya!
      AhTak said...
      Received present from GF fly higher ~ hehehe

      Diu ... no money to buy the Air Jordan V Retro mei buy slippers loh.... also Air Jordan mah ... :(
      +wennie said...
      aiyer... next time yam cha sure got ppl put his leg high high lansi 9 me ...
      lurker said...
      now u only need a nice amp, some speakers.. and a woofer...
      Unknown said...
      so means canot fly lor even with Jordan selipar ....
      ekeke ....
      AhTak said...
      Yes ~ Will put my leg on the table ~~ Beside your Roti Kosong ... hohoohohoh

      Amp .... Speakers set.....Woofer ... $$$$$$

      MM dak lah ... looks good only ~ HAHHAHA

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