Hot Stuffy nights no more

Yeah viewers, AhTak have got an AirCon install last saturday !!! Yee ~~ No more hot stuffy nights, no more midnight showers, and no more wake up swearing sweating in the middle of the night !! WooHoo ~

So it was a York Cooling King Esential, RM200 cheaper than the Panasonic I initially wanted. But this unit accroding to the SalesGuy, it consume less electricity and have as much as features compare to Panasonic, well, most of the shit he told me I wont ever understand, just buy loh if he say good...

Man at work, late for 1 1/2 hour. Damm, he should know that I can't wait for the AirCon to be install, right ? Should have ask for more discount... While he was installing the AirCon, I try to look at how he did his job and chit cchat abit with him, while try to snap a few.

I think this is more interesting that screws and nuts. Is the copper tube for directing the air/cold air from the compressor to the head unit. Blur ? I also blur... Who cares, as long as I have cold air at night.

This is how it looks after the installation. Wah... kakaka... You have no idea what kind of a good sleep I had that night. I think I snore a little bit...

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  1. Anonymous said...
    tonight you sleep outside la, so loud you snored!! *$@#%^%&&

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