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Which of these image hosting service are you using ? The Blogger ? Using the "Post Image" command, or Flickr that let you post and share pictures or Photobucket the hosting service for photographers ? Any you have upload limit and storage limit from these services ?

Introducing a new service from Google (actually quite some time already) !!! Picasa Web Album that's now with Google and Blogger ! Think most of you guys already new that has been bought over buy Google, and the good things are now Blogger have more features and I think the loading speed has somehow improved. Whether you like it or not, pictures uploaded since december last year will be uploaded to Google's server, the Picasa Web Album.

Things to know about Picasa Web Album:

For Windows users, theres photo editing/management software call Picasa that you can download and use it in your PC, free. Which is almost the same with iPhoto that's ALREADY buit-in in any Mac machines. Hhmm ....

Offering basic photo editing commands like Contrast, Level, Resize, and many more ... For Mac users, you still can use iPhoto to edit and manage you photos, and with the help of Picasa Web Album Uploader, Mac users also can upload batches of pictures at the same time, easy ~

Picasa Web Album Uploader for Mac

Offering the Album features so you all can soft out the pictures to put in different Albums for easy navigation. Maybe ... "Girls", "Sexy Girls, Many Sexy Girls", "Too Hot to see" or maybe... "You Dun want to see".. hehehe, remember to mail me your URL.

Sorting out pictures. Damm ... I hate this. Have to look thru all the pictures I have, then create Albums to fit in the pictures ... hhmm ....

This entry helpful ? Have fun blogging and uploading pictures to share ~


  1. rainbow angeles said...
    Yes, yes, very helpful, tenkiu you!

    But picasa dun have one feature that I'm looking for... ie. to do 'bubble talk', you know wat izit ar? Nehhh, like do comic wan... then can put in all the nonsense in the bubble... :D

    Have a good weekend!
    AhTak said...
    That one ah ... I know Mac for Comic Life ler ... PC I not sure wow ...
    Sofia said...
    Thanks Nice Post
    Good Blog :D

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