Weekend's Catch

Hi dudes ~ Am blogging now from Mandalay International AirPort, kidding. hahahhaa. Maybe some dude steal the WireLess Hub there and use it here in Mon't Kiara. Or maybe my PowerBook so Geng can get WiFi signal from Mandalay.

So. About weekend. I am as excited as you all are expecting for some leng lui pictures ~ HHmm .. But didn't turn out loh. Siao Mei got to go back office early so can't make the shooting on Saturday and Sunday. Pei Lan's friend are not free on Saturday and cannot make it also. I didnt ask her for Sunday coz on Sunday I've made appointment with another Girl, initially. And Esther only available on Sunday where I've make appointment for somebody else, so I told her I cant make it unless it's Saturday. So I was so dissapointed on Friday night and thought of asking someone to go out Yam Cha, cheer up abit ler.

And there I was in Ming Tian with Xiao Lu, chit chat a bit since the last time i met her is about half year ago. So talking talking talking ....

Tak: Are you free tomolo ah ?
XL : Yah, why ?
Tak: You want take picture ? ( told her my initial weekend planning)
XL :Yah ! Why not ? Can you do Bikini ah ?
Tak: Actually I never try before one ler ~ You sure ah ?
XL : Ok wow ~ I trust you ~ hehehehe

Done deal and me meet up in Ming Tian 9AM the next morning, heading Gabai for the scene, after calling so many friends to get the direction right ! hahahahha. I recommend anyone who want do Bikini Shoot, want swimming, want releks, want green green can all go to Gabai... Let's see the pictures ...:

But i think it wpold be alot better if the girls were Mermaids of Maggie Q or Kelly Chan, perfect...

Anyway ....... Reached the scene around 1030~11AM after a few phone calls to make sure the location. Damm. The water were so cold, is THAT cold ok ? I dare not enter the water at first coz I knew it's gonna freeze me toes. So I ask the girl... "Eh, you want to get dress and prepare yourself in the water ? HHmm ... I think maybe later lah, we do the Clothed first ". Thought of play a joke on the girl but didnt lah, if she catch cold then I susah ler .... Lucikly there were great sunlight all day long that at least we didnt freeze in the water. Stop the crab and with the pictures ALREADY LAH WUI !!!

*Guys, prepare some tissue before proceed*

Nice mou ? I think I still need hell alot more of pratice ler ... Thanks Xiao Lu for your Saturday ! Thanks Lurker for the Direction to GaBai, Thanks Wong for giving me Lurker's number !

* Go Friendster and look for the next Model ... *


  1. lurker said...
    hey u gained some pounds! hahaha... It was nice seeing u in MV last nite.

    Great set of bikini pics too.. got da Japanese photobook fell! When's the next waterfall shoot eh? I wanna join too!
    AhTak said...

    Ofcoz lah ... everyday eat and sleep ..heheheh, sure fat loh ~

    Next time .. YOU BRING ME LAH WEI !!!! Must learn from you how to take Model Shoots properly ler ~!!!
    Anonymous said...
    thanks ah tak for the leng lui photos, but too small to view lah... :-P

    Smoke Head, MySabah.com
    AhTak said...
    Wei !! Long time didnt see you come here already ~

    a here is the Bigger pictures, with bigger girls .. hehehe, enjoy.

    Hey, I will be in Tawau and LD in September, will you be around there also ?
    Anonymous said...
    Wow, thank you so much. ;-) I like them.

    No, I don't think I will be in Tawau and LD in Sep, unless I have project there. When will you come to KK?

    - Smoke Head, MySabah.com
    AhTak said...
    Hhmm lidat ah ? .... Plan a Project lah ! Then we can go shooting together, hehehehe. But I wonder if there's anything interesting other than the Seafood and the Fantastic Sunset ... ngek ngek ngek ...

    KK not sure ler, hardly can spare out time nowadays. Summore in KK not much friends left and all dun want to layan me .. :(
    Anonymous said...
    if i come to tawau/ld, the most likely place i would want to visit is madai cave (bird nest mountain) and its burial cave in kunak. let see first lah.. (after i got a SLR). what else ah, pulau batik fun or not?

    if u come to kk, do let me know ok.

    -Smoke Head, MySabah.com
    AhTak said...
    WEi ! You know LD and TWU more than I do ler !!!
    Finally getting a SLR ? Congrats !!! I think Nikon will be a good choice, since I am using one ~ hehehe. Will let you know If I have any chance going to KK, but I guess wont be this year ... :(

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