In a City that's not so big ... Not as big as I thought ...

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When I was a kid, I used to have a thought that, leaving my hometown and cari makan in a Big City like those shown on TV is something really cool. Wearing nice suits lah, leather shoes lah, nect tie lah, everyday go to work like James Bond liddat, wasn't it something damm cool ~ Yes ~ If you are earning big money and have 24 days of annual leave that you can ask for anytime of the year you want, and also you earn so much that can get a BMW 7 series and a banglo somewhere far away from your office. And that's life we are talking about.

But somehow, TV only tell truths in NEWS. I almost felt cheated by those TVB Drama and those movies ler ~ I thought KL is a place so cool that I can easily get a RM6k salary job anywhere, or maybe I can buy my dream car after working for 3 years here ler. And the fact, I just have a PowerBook15" and a Nikon D70s and a few lens and a iPod nano after working for 3 years here. Hard work I believe.
Started off being a small little salesman selling Mac in LowYat, and that isn't easy job to do.

  • . 12 working hours everyday.

  • . WakeUp around 0810 and prepare, so not to miss the bus.

  • . 1 1/2 hours for travelling from home to office .

  • . No such thing as OT and coming in late means deduct salary.

  • . Reach home around 2230~2300, and go sleep terus.

  • . RM1500 per month, to settle everything.

  • . No off days in Public Holiday and Weekends.

  • . No dating, coz no time and no money and no car.

  • . No Starbucks, too expensive.

  • . No watching movie, no time.

  • . No Photography, no time.

  • . No shopping, no time no money .

  • But Luckily boss told me that it will be temp only, and all the Mac people will move down to a Mac Shop in Ikano ( the 1 i am in now ). So we all are so happy and cant wait for the day to come, where there will be only Mac computers in the shop, and I presume you guys know how much I hate Windows ...Yucks ...

    Well, after moved to the new place we all have a raise in salary, I am not sure about others but I have a RM 150 raise, which last till now and that's after 3 years of working. And also company provide a House for us to live, that's 14 minutes walking distance from the shop ! COOL !!! Which means I can wake up around 0945 and get prepared and reach office sharp-sharp 1000 !!! hohoho ~~~ Lovely ~ Everything looks alot better compared to before, and that's what I thought ler, raise in gaji, company provide rumah... what else you expect ??? Right ?~ hehehehe.

    Things goes ok since, but not for long ... It seems that I have a super long working hours compared to most of my friends, and having a Yam Cha session with them are so hard, due to my late afterwork hour and the odd off days. Normally my off days falls on weekdays, where everybody else are working and have no time to entertain me. " Soli lah, got to work tomolo ler, cant go out late.. ", " You siao ah ? No need to work meh, I still in the office ler." ... then I will return them the same answer then they ask me to go out on the weekends, sad. Hence friends visit me less, less activities, even I have no time to entertain my family when they come visit me in KL. Maybe an overnight in the hotel with them and got to rush back to work early morning the next day...

    At least I thought that work this hard should earn more money...But in fact not ..

    I don't about others. But I do have a passion over Mac, that's why I come all the way to KL and try to share my fun and joy using a Mac, to let others know that it's easier to have things done on a Mac and it's REALLY possible to use Microsoft Office and MSN messenger on a Mac... It's a pain to hear:" OOhh... really ah ? Mac have Microsoft Office meh? " " OOhh... the Mac can do MSN ah? I never know ler ". Now I dont have the same passion anymore, maybe it's because of the surrounding, I dunno.

    Days are gettng more and more difficult. As I am appointed to 'train' some of the juniors to make sure they know the Macs as much as I do, so the shop can have more 'knowledgeable' staffs to answer the customer's questions. Also now I will have to in-charge of all the Mac stock level, deciding what to bring in to sell, handling customers that have questions to ask software/hardware/anything bout Mac( coz news staffs cant answer them ), keep myself updated with Mac news, and at the same time, do sales. That come worse when everyone then to presume that I can handle everything and they will just have to concentrate on doing sales, where all the the shit like fuzzy customers or technical questions will be passed to me to handle. Work flow up, responsibility up, salary maintain, commision down. I think in thier mind is that, why sohuld they learn so many think as AhTak can handle all the shit already what, why don't just act as an idiot that dunno anything so can have more time to do sales for more commision? Then I was thinking:" Why the hell I have to take care of them and pass all the sales/commision to them as I am getting the same amount of gaji as they do ?" So, I start ignoring them as I don't help them to answer questions anymore, I don't handle/entertain customers that didn't get the machines from me, don't even bother teaching them things they need to know about Mac, since they don't even bother, why should I be ? So after not long, I get the same complain that my customers complain to other Mac shops, " The salesperson are so LanC and know nothing " " Staffs are so not knowledgeable that seems they don't even know what they are selling" "They guy trying to promote a Mac to me but he himself is not even using a Mac.". It's not just telling customers info that can be found on the flyers, not just telling customers you are selling Mac ( and you don't know anything bout it ), not just giving free gifts to customers. The most important thing is to let the customer know, that you KNOW what you are selling, you know what are you talking about and you have confidence in your products. How do you expect a customer to buy things that even the Salesperson don't trust. Sample:

    Customer: Are you using a Mac yourself?

    Sales: No, why ?

    Customer: After so many good things you told me about Mac but you are not using a Mac?

    Sales: Oh .. expensive mah .. no money to buy..

    Customer: But you told me it's almost the same price compare to other PC what.

    Sales: oohh... Coz I am not really familiar with Mac system mah ...

    Customer: But you told me it's easy to use wow....

    Sales:Ohh.... Coz there are some software that can be use in the Mac.

    Customer: But you told me most of the software compatible already ?

    Sales: oohh..... coz..... ( continue with more ' coz ' )

    Will you still buy if you are the customer ? I won't ....

    As a Apple Salesperson wearing a T-Shirt with an Apple on it means that I am a representative of Apple and I should know what am I selling and have confidence and familiar with the system, I should be able to answer most of the questions about Mac, at least I know more than the customer do. I really cant take it if I cant answer the customer's questions. For achieving that, I have to surf the Mac sites everyday to make sure I am uptodate, download and try softwares that might be useful to the customers so I can recommend to them or I will know how to use when the customers ask me. Aren't those the basics ? Sometimes 'they' can come out questions like " Can this use with the Mac ah ? ", how the hell would I know ?! Just plug the thing into the Mac and try lah ! My ex-Manager use to answer this kind of questions a very cool way, " You think I am your library ah ? Go and check on the internet or read the manual lah" Which is ... damm cool ~ hehehehe.

    To be continue .... soon


    1. Anonymous said...
      waaaa!! so long, kong gu jai... hahahaha! but it's a good story. I would be frustrated too, if I were in your shoes!

      waiting for Episode 2...
      +wennie said...
      hou lan chiong ah... mat 7

      but i stil manage to habiskan. so hor must belanja makan adi ^^
      Anonymous said...
      i sincerely wish u all the best in ur new's time for a change liao..
      Jo said...
      I am using a Mac! And I still dunno how to use! PLEASE TEACH ME!!!
      seefei said...
      lidat if sell bungalow got to live in bungalow also...LOL

      city living is lidat, everyone got pressure. Have a dream and keep your dream alive, tak GOR! LIfe will be more bearable.

      ex-kampung boy also
      Winn said...
      By any chance you sell DeckLink card? either HD Pro 4:2:2 or HD 4:4:4 i duno which it the right one for broadcast usage..

      maybe i shldnt ask this now haha. but i have to agree that life in the city is not always like wat we imagined it to be.
      Unknown said...
      such a damn kaw long entry... luckily no customer ask u... 'Eh, Mac Apple? Can eat one ah?' Hahaha

      Ur salary 1.5K only? Same same here la... life never been easy in big city la. Cheers man!
      AhTak said...
      Hhmm.... It's not anyone's fault anyway. Maybe it's just my luck ~ hehehehe ~ Maybe I should thanks them who show me the reality of life ler, nothing is as good as shown on the TV, and I learned ~

      WAh ~~~ nei gamm dou dak ah ? Seh gamm lan dor yeh dou hai siong wah bei yan ji ngo hou 9 cham, mou chin, siong wan yan cheng sek fann ceh ~~~ heheheh, gamm dou bei nei wan dou wai wat 9 ngo cheng sek fann ? Hou yeh !!!

      Yah ... cant wait to change already. Some said it's abit late already, but I said "Late better than None" ~ hehehe

      Aiyer ~ Dun worry ~~~ Very easy to use ~ I will teach you ok ?~ heheheh

      My point, selling Mac is not like selling PC. Just knowing the price and spec is not enuff. We have to answer questions like, equivalent softwares to use in the Mac, like:

      Microsoft Office XP = Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac
      AutoCad = ArchiCad, FormZ, Eagle, VectorWorks
      UBS, Quicken = Quicken, QuickBook, MYOB
      Instant Messenger = MSN, aMSN, AdiumX, ICQ, Yahoo, Proteus
      IE, FireFox = Safari, FireFox, Operah, Flock
      Adobe Softwares = Same, infact they have it in the Mac first, years back.

      Coz I dun want to see my customer bought a Mac from me and didn't use it coz dunno what softwares to use, coz I am a responsible Sales. I dun want to sell machines to my customers and leave them " you die your bussiness" ....

      You Ex-Kampung Boy meh??? Then I should chit chat more with you ler ~ Learn things that I need to know to have a better living in a City ~ hehehe, when is the next trip ???

      Wah ... dun play me ler ~ if i can answer your questions I will not be sitting here ler, maybe in Apple Professional Video earning RM8k per month ler ~ hehehehe. Anyway, did a small search and found that ...

      4:2:2 would be good enough for broadcasting, since it has hi compression and still provide hi quality output. But you can do a test first with the card, since the card support both compression mah ~What machine are you using ? Decklink HD Pro is either PCI-X or PCI-Extreme wow ~ And the performance will be better if using a Mac~~~ hehehehe

      Life is not easy hur ~ haih ~~~~ Got to work harder ler ~ and smarter too, as Tiuniasing said ~hehehe

      Eh, got lah ~~~ last time got 1 mah ~
      "eehh... is you iMac have anything to do with the ' i ' Air-Conditioner ah ?" I almost faint ... HAHAHAHAHHA
      titoki said...
      Woi, I'm also not your walking dictionary of Mr You-Know-Who. If you wanna date him, go online and tell him yourself laa!!! TIU!!! ;p

      *Just kidding*

      Your colleagues should really learn up the product they are selling. Or else who is going to buy it?
      Anonymous said...
      Your boss should pay you extra for training the newbies and an increment for running the show! ...Can you ask for a raise???
      国源 said...
      wah, the staffs there so terrible 1 ah? answer those stupid answer 1? sure no one want to buy lar then..haiz..u so san fu lar..haha..
      seefei said...
      i come back to tell you this. i actually went down to the local apple showroom to check out the mac.

      mac is cool lah. and affordable. at 2k for the 17 inch cpu less model table top, the price is about the same as my laptop without home office and anti virus.

      will consider a mac when i replace my office computers. too bad you are not seling in sg :-(
      AhTak said...
      Aiyer ... just me and him forever busy mah ... :( dun marah ler ~ hehehehehhee
      Soon .... it will be " Not that I care" ~ hohohohohohoh

      Nah ... "Senior must teach the Junior mah, must help them abit since they are new " ~ TEACHING is within the JOB SCOPE, raise of salary is not even for discussion.

      dunno man, who cares anyway ~ If sales drop that means the Seniors are not doing thier job, senior didnt teach the junior nice-nice. Maybe I am not a good teacher anyway. But ... have you thought the other way round:" Is the teacher not teaching properly, or the student not learning well? Or the students don't even want to learn?"
      As I said ler :" Dunno anything means don need to do anything. Get the same salary with the senior and do less that senior, not good meh ?"
      AhTak said...
      Aiyer ~ NO problem lah ~ As long as you want any information about Mac you can just send me mail or ask me here on the comment area or call me ler ~ heheheh. For me, buying anywhere pun not my bussiness anymore, hehehehe. As I have my passion back ! Which is to share my experiance of Mac and also to help those having problems/questions about thier Mac ~ hehehe.
      Anonymous said...
      Wah...AhTak very committed and professional...I am very impressed!! And yes, I can see the passion in you when you recommended all those Apple products!! Too bad I am not looking to buy a computer now. If I do, you will be the first person I look for!! And i brand sucks big time!!!

      Hey, I have a friend who is coming back to KL to get married next year. Where is your portfolio? Your photo site still under construction? I'd like her to see your pictures for her to consider you as her photographer.
      AhTak said...
      Thanks wow ~ hehehehehe ~ Now I am working on the website already ~ hope i can finish it within the few days holiday before I start my new job ~hehehehe
      +wennie said...
      gei shi wan lolita jeh? hohoho!!! ^^
      AhTak said...

      lolita ?!?! Lei mei lei !!! Pah nei ah ?!?!?!!!! hehehehe

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