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Last night I went to Ampang for 九皇爺誕 held in Ampang, which is an event held ever 9th of the 9th month in Lunar Canlerder. Is a very big event/celebration/activity here in West Malaysia, that I havent heard of it when I was back in Sabah. So, my gf want to have a visit there and as my friends and colleugues are telling me that I should go for some pictures, and I went.

The entrance to the temple. The amount of people there last night was "alot", that "alot" that I have to move inch by inch from the main entrance to the inner hall where I took this picture. Also I have waited about 5 mins to wait for the moment where less people will be infront of my camera... And alot of sweat.

A kind of incense sticks. For the chinese, there's variaty of shapes and sizes for the incense sticks. And that in the picture, cost me RM10 to wish me and my family good luck and health and wealth. The red paper will be written with my name on it so the recipient will know who to bless.

Another kind of Good Luck Wishing tools. In chinese, there are many ways/tools/believes that can bring good luck and wealth. I am not a Buddist nor Christian, but as a Chinese I have learn some tradition Chinese Belives like, Dont look back if anyone say your name out in the middle of the night, don't say it out if you smell anything at night, don't simply shh shh anywhere you like (this I kena before, and been sick for weeks/months ), don't wistle at night, dont open umbrella inside the house, and alot more ... 寧可信其有 ( Rather To Believe There Is ).

I think the people who make these cakes are very the Sai Lei ! Comes in varies of shapes and sizes. Normally they will have the shapes of some 'Holly Animals' like Turtles lah, Fishes lah, Pigs lah, and others, too bad that I am in a rush so I can't take pictures for all of them, but maybe in the future ok? hehehe. I am just wondering if these cakes still taste good after all the heavy coloring and those gold color paint on them.

菊花( Chrysanthemum Plants ). A very popular kind of flowers you'll see in Chinese. You'll see them in Yeo's can drinks, you'll see them in Flower Rings in funerals, you'll see them in grave yards, you'll see them in paintings and maybe gardens. They too have alot of colors ler, I've seen yellow, white, blue and purple. Lovely flowers they are ...


  1. 国源 said...
    wow..long time didnt see u post this kind of pics damn nice!!
    AhTak said...
    Thanks dude ~ Can have more pictures if I was not in a rush .. :(
    Anonymous said...
    ahtak, I seriously think you should consider selling your photos online, as stock photos! did you get the link I sent you? it's up to you to select and put up whatever you want, and they'll pay you each time one gets sold. good side biz! *wink*
    Unknown said...
    is that 'gao wong yeh' festival? nice pics!
    seefei said...
    nice pic considering the difficult lighting and location.

    car2 complained that i demand (in term of pose) too much when i took her pic. she said you shoot fast and jun! you are good lah... give may's advice a try lah!!
    Anonymous said...
    Nice pictures Ah Tak!
    AhTak said...
    Hhmm... didnt get the link you mentioned ler ... maybe something wrong with my mail. Anyway, I have always wanted to sell off my pictures for some extra imcome so I can get better gears for better pictures for better price and get a better life out of all that ... but, it's not a easy way to get there ler. But I will still try ...

    Yah ~ Its the Gao Wong Yeh Festical ler ~ Thanks for liking my pictures ~ But didnt got much of pictures coz I was kind of in a rush ~ Maybe next time ~

    Nikon D70s + Nikkor 50mm 1.8 for the Difficult Lighting and Passion on Photography for the Difficult Location ~ hehehehehe ~ I just love taking pictures ~

    Thanks and Glad still seeing you here !!! then i must take more nice pictures ? ~ hehehehe
    seefei said...
    1.8? wow! thats a very big aperture. too bad i havent got myself a dslr.

    tenkiu for sharing!

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