YO !!! All Mac users and Mac user wannabes and Mar users soo to be ~ Good news for all ! Apple have just released new models for the MacBook Pro where all the MacBook Pro now will be using new Intel Core 2 Duo processors and with some new spec upgrades !!!

Some new features will be:

.New processors, Core2Duo 2.16Ghz for 15" and 2.33Ghz for 17"
.New RAM slots, as you can go till 3GB now !!! Ouch !!!
.New 6x double-layer-burning SuperDrive !!!
.New Hard Drives, 120GB ? 160GB ? or ...200GB at max !!!
.New ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 with 256MB !!!

Go here for full specs, while I go work my ass out for some cash ~


  1. Anonymous said...
    AhTak, why are you selling MacBook Pros on your berlog?!

    pssst... you wanna sell your photos? I send you invite, ok? *grin*
    c a r c a r said...
    cheh, i thought 2 for the ..price of 1!

    Unknown said...
    buy 1 free 1?
    Jo said...
    what? You selling your ass now ah? Don't lah....
    Samm said...
    Hi, i need the price list for the macbooks. Can u email it over? Thx.
    AhTak said...
    Yes Yes !!! I want to sell my pictures !!! I need money for the MacBook Pro !!! help ~~~~~~~

    Aiyer ... I wish too ler ..

    Where got buy 1 free 1 ler ... haih ..... not even a free Mouse ... :(

    Selling butt ??? NO ler ... Jacq will kill me ,,, HOHOHOHOH


    MacBook 1.83Ghz : RM 4399
    MacBook 2.0Ghz : RM 5399
    MacBook Black : RM 5999
    L B said...
    Ok, this one must get already!! Photoshop CS3 coming out soon too!!

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