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So ... You guys have any idea how important is a Saturday Evening ? I bet you all don't know coz you have never missed any Saturday Evening due to work... Well, yesterday I spent a great evening with Jacq and her friend (Claudia&Jeffery). First I was sitting alone in Starbucks Blogging after work at 4PM while Jacq was meeting up with Claudia for some girls talk ( talk bad things about boy friends lah ofcoz ... hehehe ), to update some news among them gua ... Then after that we quick quick go home to drop my LapTop and get the LaoC Canon Ixus60, and OFF WE GO !!! Fun Fair !! hohohoh...

Grabbed some pictures right at the entrance before I scream my lungs out, hohohoh. Saw some photographers shooting out around the Fun Fair with their SLR, and too bad I didnt brought mine ler ... Thought of borrowing from them, but all Canon. :(

This one REALLY KICK ASS that you can easily pee/vomit anytime if you jsut had your dinner. SpinSpinSpin RoundRoundRound ... Actually not that bad if compared with the TimeSquare one. But still, Looking at the flood from 2~3 storey and then go down all the way down faster than the Monorail !!! WAH !!!! GAO MENG AH !!!!

RoundRoundRound ~~~~ Vomit till your GallBladder also can come out. I think, most of the machines in the FunFair were build is 2 basic/main principle: Spin Till You Vomit and Go So High Till Pee Come Out, it's either one.

One of my Favorite, what do you think ? I think the picture would be alot better if I were using my SLR for the better Dynamic Range so I can get more details in the pictures, and the spot light at the back, dont you think it's very the distracting ?~


  1. Anonymous said...
    I saw the lights from the Ferris Wheel while driving home from Ikea tonight!! quite a glorious sight from afar. these photos very good liao, especially the spinning one. great colours!
    Unknown said...
    where is that place? Looks so chi kek to me... u dun like canon? to me coz i use to Nikon. canon n nikon always opposite direction one, did u noticed that? coz both are long term competitor.
    ***cinDee*** said...
    neva use your nikon. then use wht??? ehehhe
    Jo said...
    you just gave me an idea on what to do this weekend. ;)
    seefei said...
    good night scene! hope i get such beautiful shots when i go night safari next week!

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