Recipe: Making Love

How nice would it be. I say, if everything would have a RECIPE to follow, like baking cakes liddat. Will never get wrong right ? Just it will either taste good or bad ~ Wont be any WRONG Cakes right ?


  1. Anonymous said...
    my tiramisu recipe!! never fails. always yum!!

    if you think about it, there never is a wrong recipe. the outcome of it just tastes different to different people. some like it, some don't.

    you just need to find the appropriate recipe that suits you.

    ngam mou?
    Unknown said...
    got kao lui recipe? I need it... LOL
    Bkworm said...
    I follow recipe also the 'cake' can turn out wrong. Sometimes too sweet, sometimes too dry. But I agree with May that you have to find the right combination for yourself. ;)

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