Heading Ipoh ...

Folks ~ AhTak is going Ipoh again ~~~~ hehehehe. Suppose to be yesterday one, to celebrate Tang Loong Festival. But I have someone important to bring back along, and she is not free till today ... anyway .. wish me luck that everything goes smooth ok ?~ hehehehe, and also I have picture to share and hopefully grab some back from Ipoh too ... hehehehe

Desicions, something we'll have to meet and make everyday. How you make decsion ? Based on what ? What should be in consideration ? What might be the outcome ? Do you actually think when making dicision ? ... Have you decided to make a comment and share ?


  1. Anonymous said...
    Wow..! so fast bring g/f home already ka..?? *pressurization leh..*
    Anonymous said...
    can't make an important decision without thinking thoroughly, especially if it affects other people. opinions are great to gather and ponder upon, but ultimately the decision is still yours to make wisely. and if it doesn't turn out the way it should, then learn from it.

    if it's deciding between chips and chocolate, just go with your taste buds!

    enjoy Ipoh, remember to stopover for ngap thui meen!!
    Unknown said...
    u in Ipoh ah ? Im in Penang now... LOL... hmmm... decision ah? To do or not to do... to live or to die... to left or to right... to rock or to roll!
    seefei said...
    go nike... just DO it!
    Anonymous said...
    Decisions, decisions..sometimes I think, sometimes I don't.
    Like when I ask you to be my photographer, I didn't think! Just ask and hope for the best!! The most you can do is say 'no', right?
    Making a decision is always better than sitting on the fence..indecisions are the worst!! Like this cannot, like that don't dare...can die aitelyu!!
    国源 said...
    decision? Jz do what i think its right ..haha..sometimes depend on the situation..
    Btw,good luck to u..
    Anonymous said...
    AhTak...are you free on Hari Raya week for our photo shoot?
    AhTak said...
    Huuhh..... Luciky everything goes fine and nice ... hehehehehe

    missed the Nga Choy Gai ler, the bus didnt stop in Bidor ler ... damm, next time .. i promise next time...
    Disicions ... Normally it wont take me long to make one. Just try not to hurt anyones ... Good enuff ah ?

    C or D ? Dm or Em ? 4/4 or 16/16 ? .... Just Get the guitar and JAM !!!

    Me Nike fans also ler ~ hehehe... Just Do It !!!!

    Yah ... how bad could it be ?~ All the thinking won't help till you go and do it right ?~ hehehehe... The photo Session still on ~ But I not sure on Hari Raya, maybe no off day ler ...

    Yaler ... depends on the situation ... But try take too long, might miss something while 'thinking thinking' ~ ~ hehehe
    Thanks and Good Luck to you too ~

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