Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin

Life have been tough, money still not enough, and I am still taking pictures and Blogging.

Haih...... what the ...


Had a chat with AdrianPilot today ler, talk bout why there are no DEMO machines in the shop, talk about Apple machines, talk about prices and Captain Yong joined just for more. And suprised me is that both thier wifes were in the same school I studied! TTSS, 崇正一家相親.What a small world. Both pilots feel bad bout me losing 2 PowerBooks and ask me what is my next moved, well....

Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin

Before I start, I would like to say thanks to Izham ( my MAS Pilot customer, who bought a 15" PowerBook from me) who sponsor me the Sabah Ikan Masin. GREAT TASTE I tell you all viewers, those you see in the SuperMarket or HyperMarket all bluff one. Can't taste the 'taste' of the Ikan Masin, just very very very masin. EEeehh.... No good man. Whereby the Ikan Masin from Sabah were, lightly salted with sea-salt, instead of salt-water like what you get here in KL. So it's not that salty, as why you can see I have put alot of them in the Nasi Goreng.

1. Ikan Masin from Sabah (sponsored by 1 of the Pilots)
2. Red Onions and Garlics
3. 4 Eggs (depends on how much you love them)
4. Long Beans
5. OverNighted Rice
6. Caned-Minced-Pork (Muslims viewers should replace this)
7. Soya souce and Pepper for taste.

1. As usual la, prepare all your ingredients and have a nice layout. So you don't kelam kabut or panic when you need them and they are no-where to be found.

2.Heat up a Pan with plenty of oil on it. Set the stove to the 'smallest fire' you can. This is to make the Ikan Masin feels crunchy, also to prevent is to be overcook.This step will take around 10~12mins. And you can make use of the time by setting up another stove for other steps.

3.Heat up a Wok with 'Fierce Fire' and a tablespoon or 2 of oil (I use cap helang), bring in the red onions and garlic, or maybe some onions to bring more 'taste' and 'smell'. Patiently wait till the garlic turns into golden brown color, then proceed to step 4.

4.Put in the canned-minced-pork. For muslim viewers, this can be replaced by minced chincken or minxed beef or minxed-what-ever-you-like. As for the day before we tired with chicken, and we don't like it. Fierce fire here, to 'crispify' the surfaces of the meat you put in. Very important.

5.Beans come in now. The tips are. Patient, carefull and bright eyes. Slowly stir fry the beans and others till the beans change thier contrast, as in Light Green to Deep green. See with your eyes.

6.AHA ! The rice. I recommend overnighted rice. Why? Less water compount inside so you don't get 'wet' fried-rice. Here I use -just-cook-rice. Coz we have to time to prepare overnighted rice and have to deal with it. If you think you have talented skills like me, then you can triy with just-cook-rice, at your own risk~

7.By this step the Ikan Masin should be ready. Pour ot the excess oils to a plate or something, coz later we might need extra oil for the fried-rice. The rice can absorb really much or oil. So oil we put in earlier will not be enuff. Also these oil we save have the taste of the Ikan Masin too. Will enhance the taste of the Fried-Rice by 20%~25.78%. Then throw the Ikan Masin to the Wok.

8.After Ikan Masin, then the Eggs. 2 options to do it. No1: Just whack the eggs to any hard surface and put in the wok. Or like AhLei, have all the eggs opened and put into a small bowl, then slowly pour then into the wok. Personally I think that does not make any different.

9.Some soya sauce for the taste. Remember the stir the rice on the wok khau khau. As this will prevent the rice or anything to stick on the wok. Your wife or girl friend won't like to wash with overcooked particals sticking on the wok. Trust me on that. I still remember my mom's face while she is washing the wokv after I did my first fried-rice at home.

10.Pepper. I love pepper. Specially Sarawak pepper. The Best Ah !!!

11.Last. Bring up all the Fried-Rice and display on any form of 'plates' you like. But I think it won't look good on Banana Leafs.

DONE !!!

Look at those Ikan Masin ladies and Gentlement. MMmmm...... Sedap I guarantee !

Well, what do you guys think ? AhTak cooking man ~~~ Serious ??!~~ hahahaha ~ Ofcoz ler ~ nothing better to do what. Cook lo, make myself happy and friends happy with my cooking ~

Any of you kind enuff to share your kitchen with me? Maybe I can cook a meal at your place for free !? Do let me know if any of you are interested ~


  1. Emily said...
    Looks yummy! Btw I have a top secret method in cleaning wok easily heheh. I made it up myself :-D
    AhTak said...
    please teach me ler ~~~
    Emily said...
    Hahaha, teach me how to take great photos like you first :-P
    AhTak said...
    you must be kidding me ~!!! I am not good in photo ler ~ hahaha

    Teach you how to make Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin Sabah, how bout that ?~ hehehehe
    Emily said...
    You're just being humble, I love your work! Esp those pics of the zoo. I went to the zoo before too but most of my photos were disappointing :-(
    AhTak said...
    maybe the animals like me coz i look like one ?~
    Emily said...
    Ah Tak, your site is a real bandwidth killer. Take so long to load! Also, don't autoplay the phone conversation media file leh. I have to mute my pc everytime before coming here hehe :-P
    AhTak said...
    Sorry for the bandwidth.... just update my blog liao, should load faster...hehehe, enjoy ~ and how bout pulau ketam ? have you got my mail ?
    Anonymous said...
    Very nice site!
    Bingo Online said...
    Yes, I understand you.

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