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How hard is Photography ? Hard to tell actually, but I can tell you is not just point the camera at the subject and shoot, that's " Taking Picture" not " Photography " ...

Will be going back Tawau tomorrow for some staff and come back on Tuesday. And by the mean time, there's about 2000 pictures waiting for me to select and edit and post ... haih ... maybe do it during my trip in Sabah lah. See you then.

PS: How's the pictures ah ? ok ah ? Please comment abit and tell me what you think.


  1. titoki said...
    Photography is not hard. But when a hot-blooded guy look at your model's photos. The photography becomes a subject of 'hard'. *winks*
    国源 said... the explaination from titoki~

    Well, like third pic, especially the effect~~ teach teach~kakaka..
    AhTak said...
    HAHAHAHAHAHA !!! I like this one !!! hahahaha

    1. Use Curve to balance the highlight and shadow.
    2. Touch p the face.
    3. De-saturate.
    4. Lower contrast using Curve
    5. Use Curve to add in the color tone.
    6 Add noise.

    done .....
    seefei said...
    #1/ face got hot spots. the eyes out of focus but the lips are sharp. crop out the baju- more sexy.

    #2/ composition too cluttered. crop out the hand, baju and rough wall would be good. if model bring up the shoulder slightly will be better. the shoulder is leading the eyes away.

    #3/ good lighting effect but i will prefer lesser shadow from her right hand. her left chest is slightly washed out. tidy up the hair and remove the ring from the model hand. there seems to be a patch mark on the model lips on her left side. shot slightly grainy.

    my 2 cents worth.
    AhTak said...
    Wah... I thought last month you just asked me if D300 a good buy, and now you can comment pictures so well ! Good Job !! hehehehe

    Thanks for spending so much effort on my pictures and the great comments.

    #1. Look clearly on the hot spot, you will still see skin details on it. And if lower down the exposure to 'match' with the hot spot, i think the eye lashes and the eyebrow will be too much darker, and that will bring a different feel to the image. And this image is purposely focused on the lips, can't you feel that the Lips are the ' Key ' to sexy on the picture ? Instead of the eye ?

    #2. If crop hand crop baju will become the same image with #1 liao. But i totally with the shoulder placement, should be higher.

    #3. Boss, susah lah, at that time I am just using 1 Flash and no reflector to fill in the shadow area, and if i add more lights ah, it wont have the same lighting effects liao. Also, look in closely to the ' hot spot' and you will still see some details there, and if i lower down the exposure on the chest ah, will have a totally different image liao.

    here is the comparison picture.
    seefei said...
    Actually i am very happy that you did not take offence with my comment. I am just an arm chair critic. If you don’t mind i would like to add to your comment.

    It would be good to include an objective to the photo. for eg, if #1 is to accentuate her lip sensuality, closed and out of focus eyes are good. I can’t read detail on the hot spot. Maybe my LCD is not calibrated or low res.

    #2 if the intention is all in, then it will be better to use a deeper dof. Better focus. Personally, i would prefer the model to pout more her lips. More sexy ah!!

    #3 if the photo is experimental, then it is alright. What light trigger you were using? Remote or wireless?

    Must join you for one of this sessions.
    AhTak said...

    #1:Now you have a proper excuse to switch to Mac liao ... At least you can see pictures properly .. hehehe

    #2:Hhmm ... Might want to try that on my next shoot...

    #3:I am using the built in trigger in my D70s to remote fire a SB800. Exposure are Manually set.

    For your reference. Try look at some pictures of this guy...

    Wing Shya. He is the most famous photographer in HK. You will see alot of ' Technically ' wrong kind of picture, but you'll see alot of great images that others can't take ...
    Anonymous said...
    fuh.. nice wei, ahtak is another wingshya in the making!

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