Portraits with Alicia

Shoot during last weekend, sunday .... Thanks to Alicia and her Friend Chris for the shoot ~

Taken roughly about 300~350 pictures, but sadly not been able to sort out even 20 that I really like ... hhmm ... I prefer hitting the shutter on my camera rather than Delete on my keyboard, seriously need alot more practice.

Nvm lah, share away the picture also lah ~ hehehe. Remember to comment abit okay? Let me know what you think about the pictures.

01. Taken with 1 Flash from the models right. Lights on the wall at the back there are from the Tunnel's opening. Natural wind on model's hair.

02. See closely you can noticed there's weird color/light at the pictures top left, that's spilt light from the Flash-Umbrella. I prefer this over picture #1, for the smoother skin tone and also the model is not as stiff.

03. Experimental Shoot. Simulating Film Cross Processing and added abit of noise to emphasize abit more on the mood/feel of the picture. My fav picture of the shoot ...

04. Another experimental. Changing of color tone with slight changes of angle and expression.

Will come back later and post abit more ... More comments, the more I post ~ kekekekeke

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  1. seefei said...
    concur with you, the model a bit stiff. maybe you should do more foreplay before "shooting" her hahaha....

    personally i prefer the background to be totally dark. the slight tunnel light is distracting.

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