12042008 Trip to Tawau

PS: Opps, no pictures in this entry, enter at your own risk lah ....

The main purpose of this trip ( 12/04/2008 ~ 15/04/2008 ) is to apply my first Malaysia International Passport, coz I need to be in Singapore in June, which is my first also my first time ' OverSea ' ( minus those when I was so young that I can't remember anything )....

Q: Hah ? Why want to go back Sabah and do ? Here ( Kuala Lumpur ) cannot meh ? Very fast one ~ 1 day can settle ~

A: Yes, can be done. But according to the officer, due to I am a Sabahan, so the duration may be from 1 ~ 3 months. When I try to confirm with the officer whether it will take 1 or 3 months, he can't confirm. OMG ... And my passport got to be ready by June, so I have no choice but to go back Tawau and do.

Q: So how ? Go back Sabah and do got any faster ?

A: Yes... I took a number at the counter by 9:00AM, get out of the office by 9:20AM. Return to the office by 1150AM and the passport is ready to be collect. This is efficiency. Not some ' Satu bulan hingga 3 bulan ' .....

Due to the budget constraints, AirAsia is the only choice for frequent traveler or poor traveler like me. RM377.98 for Return ticket, where to find ??? Dun complaint people charge that small little RM5 for checking in baggage, dun complaint people dun serve food or sell expensive food on board, dun complain the LCCT and lousy, you pay for what you get, ok ?

But there're still nightmares during flight (on my way back to KL ) ...

1. Aunties taking off their shoes and hang their legs all over the place. Regardless if the legs got smell or not, what would you fell if your see your mom/aunty/relatives/friends/boyFriend/girlFriend doing the same during your holiday trip to UK ?

2. Rubbing those minyak kapak in the plane. Honestly, for those can't take it ( me for example ), it's no different with me giving you a big fart on your face. Or giving out big smelly bulp after the AirAsia Snack Attact Nasi Lemak. You want that while you are sleeping ?

3. Air Stewardess that looks no different with auntie selling pan cakes in pasar malam. When I was young ( during High School ), taking an plane are always pleasant. REALLY GOOD LOOKING Air Stewardess always giving you big smile and even looking at them doing Demo on the safety gears are pleasant too ... Dunno what happened on the QC of those Air Stewardess, now I dun even bother looking at them when they greet you happily :" Hi, welcome to AirAsia ... " Or maybe those Billboards are cheating ? I remember those in the AirAsia ads are so nice looking ?

4. Rushing to the door when the plane JUST touched down. For those who take plane for the first time are forgiven. Have you noticed that everyone on-board will start taking off their seat belts lah, start stretching and exercise lah, reaching the head compartments for luggage lah, stand in the middle of the walkway lah, start talking loud loud over the phone lah ( " Wei !! Ah Meng ah ?! Yaloh, I just reach KL loh , HAHAHAHAHAHA, where you ?? " ..... Cant you just wait until the plane stop and the Crew's announcement ? Is THAT urgent to tell your friends/relatives and make sure they reached the air port and parked their car and wait you outside ? Got THAT URGENT meh ?.

5. THIS IS TOO MUCH. During my flight back to KL last night. That's about 10 mins before landing ( you can see the landing gears are out ), I heard cell phone ringing with funny ringtones. Then I when turn my head over and saw a malay girl answer the call and start giggling over the phone. OMG !!! I think the Air Stewardess have announced so many times that :" PLEASE SWITH OF YOUR CELLPHONE AT ALL TIME IN THE PLANE " again and again and again and again and again in CHINESE, MALAY, ENGLISH which I think you can't be malaysia if you don't understand one of the above language mentioned, right ??? You want to die, I dun mind, but dun pull me and other passengers along !


  1. seefei said...
    should take some pic of the bad services and post it here. i am sure they will call u to offer free ticket to Sabah again
    AhTak said...
    Too bad didnt my camera back ler, and my phone don't have 'Flight Mode', can't use to take picture ... Maybe it's time for an iPhone ?
    seefei said...
    see lah! no photo no one want to comment! your blog is famous for its photograph of beautiful gals taken experimentally... :-)

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