Pain in the ass ...

Note:All pictures in this entry were taken with Leica D-Lux3

Yesterday was not quite a day to me. So tiring so jam so hungry ...

Still on LDP yesterday at 1900, not the usual 1830 at home. The road was so jam, anyone know what happened ? Anyway, I was rushing my way to the usual workshop in Kota Damansara, going to change my tires. At last I reached at 1910, and the workshop was closed. Luckily there's a tire shop just across the road. So I go there instead. The guys was mouth-wide-opened when they saw me going in their shop, and start asking me soon as I step out from the car:

Mec:" Dude, how the hell do you manage to get here with those tires ??? Amazing !!! If you come tomolo I guarantee you won't be reaching here in complete."
AhTak:" I know the tires are bad... how bad?"
Mec:" As I said, you wont reach here in complete...Let me show you the tires"

And he told me better to change all 4 pieces, because the back ones are not that good too. But I told him I'm gonna come again next month to change the rear ones, coz he told me the tires should be able to last for another month or 2, so fine, just the 2 front tires. RM210 each ....

Mec:"Eh boss, I think you need to redo your disc brakes loh, it's flowered (scratched ) badly."
AhTak:"Hhmm .. How much ? "
Mec:"RM70 for both. But if you want, you still can do it next month. Is not that bad."
AhTak:"*calculate money in wallet*.... Next month then ... "

Mec:"Leng Zhai, I think you need to redo the alignment."
AhTak:"Weren't you doing it now ?"
Mec:" Yah, you see ah .... the front ... the back ... cannot ...must .. liddat .."
AhTak:"How much ?"
Mec:"RM50 including parts and labour."
AhTak:"This one can do next month mou?"
Mec:"Better now loh, if don't do now ah, the tires will botak ( bold ) in 3 months time."
AhTak:"Do it then ..."

Luckily the guys there was nice, at least they are willing to tell jokes to entertain a poor customer like me. We were talking about Beyond. Talking funny things about other customers they had ... Talking talking talking and the bill comes . RM550. Ask for a discount and they happily gave me a reduced price at RM540. Gave the person in charge ( the funny guy ) RM550 and ask him to keep the change to buy drinks for everyone ....

Reached home around 2000 ++ and there's funny smell in my room .. So I go check check see see ( the girls were crying like mad in their room) . Open up the door, tap their heads and look in the room. How much shit will you expect to come out from 2 little puppies(Nepok 4KG and Bat Zhai 1.5KG) ? ...

OMG !!! How the hell in this world can 2 puppies come out with this amount of shit !!! Wah Lao !!! Gao Meng Ah !!!!

NePok:" Soli lah daddy ... I dun mean it ... Soli lah ... Dun wack me lah ...."
Bat Zhai:" Dunno ... not me ... Dunno ...*continue shake head*"

Ofcoz I didn't wack them lah, it's not their fault to pangsai mah. But I guess I need to teach them to pangsai in the corner, so it would be easier for me to do the cleaning.

After burning a big hole in my wallet and soak in sweat after cleaning the room for the girls, dinner time !!!!

Julie's Peanut Butter Biscuit + 2 big glass of Lipton. What a day ....


  1. 国源 said...
    wahahaha...the dog shit damn 97 many!!
    Car always like tht, when go service sure pay a lot!
    Anonymous said...
    ...since u gonna replace ur tyre in another month, y not u do d alignment tat time....coz normally every new tyre after replace need 2 do alignment as well balancing de wor...

    AhTak said...
    I wonder where the girls hide their shit ... the body so small ... hhmm ...

    The Mec told me better to do the front alignment first. Else the tires will not last more than 3 months, off align very 9 ler when I look at the computer. and he say do the rear alignment next month and change tire together, and if the front off again, he will do it free for me ~ hehehehe.

    he show me the tire's date of production:2003 ... he say normally tires only last about 3 years max, but mine already 4 years.

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