~My girl ~

Say hello to 'Nepok' ~ 3 months old Beagle I just got last weekend !

Note: Will come back and write more about my girl, kind of busy at the moment, busy with work and off-work.


  1. Bkworm said...
    aiyoh, she's so cute lar!!!
    国源 said...
    but she look so sad, sure ahtak bully her!
    Anonymous said...
    nepok nepok i miss you so muc!!
    Winn said...
    so cute!!! liucas suka!!
    AhTak said...
    Thanks ~ But she'll be abit naughty sometimes ~ And super the Manja !~

    Oh lan lah this dog ... Now she only eat if i feed her with my hand, if put in the bowl she dun even want to lick ~

    hohoho~ Today she stay at home and wait for us while we go dinner ~ hohoho ~ Sure cry alot one ler ~~

    Liucas got to wait abit ah ~~~ She is just merely 2 months old lah ~ Cannot lick her backside if you see her ok ~ hehehehe
    Anonymous said...
    hey ahtak
    long time x pssing by.how r u?
    cute one...

    hey ah tak ,w ant to ask you something, what software r u using for photo editing? PS? would like to add some sort of frame in my photo...but xknow how...pai se

    ps: your blog does change a lot, cool!
    AhTak said...
    Yo ~ Fine here with my cute girl ~ hehehe

    Yes, I do use PS to edit my pictures which include color correction, adding contrast, level, and framing. here is a link that might help you to get some idea.

    Adding Frame

    Thinking of changing the style again when i got time ...
    Anonymous said...
    Aiyoooo...kawai ne^^ but Tak, u gotta buy some napkin 1st...hehehe...when her Yee Ma come thn u gotta take care of it....kakakakakaka....but no worry la...u can handle it de...kekeke

    AhTak said...
    Yaler ... the blood everywhere on the floor ... oh lan ..
    Anonymous said...
    hahaha...luckily u r not a salesman anymore or else tat day have no luck lor....kakakaak

    Cocka Doodle said...
    When can I come over and eat 3 6?
    We can cook him for your house warming dinner. LOL

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