Save for rainy days

For new car owners, or if there's anyone as blur as me ...

You can renew your roadtax if your car insurance are going to expired within the next six months. Meaning you car insurance will at least expired atleast another 6 months. Meaning, if your car insurance will be expired in August 2007, you can renew your roadtax in June or July, despite the time gap in between.

Just changed my car insurance to Berjaya from the Kurnia, and be able to finally renew my roadtax ( expired 2 weeks ago ). Total cost RM1050.50 for insurance and RM92 for Roadtax ( 1 year for 1600cc vehicle ). Plus total lost of RM550 yesterday, that's RM1692.60 spent. Biscuits and tea for the rest of the month.


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