Monday ... Blue & Wet

Come to office early today, and forgot to refill the water bottle for the puppies in the rush. Hhmm ...

It was such a nice weather this morning while I was driving on the HiWay. Smoking in the opened-window and listening to the morning radio show, and let the cold wind freshen me up a little. Took 10mins to park my car since I am still 45mins before office hour.
Suddenly I saw the trees shaking blown by the strong wind and clouds moving fast above my head ... " Do I have an umbrella ?"

"I Have, I think ... somewhere in my car. "

Monday is not a good day to start with rain. At least not this "cats and dogs" kind of rain. Slowly check that all the zips of my bag are closed tight, look for the umbrella and make sure it can be opened, slowly walk down from the car and feel the coldness of the rain/morning. I skipped my usual Char Siu Bao & White coffee, don't want to get my shoes wet becoz of breakfast.

Usually car park was full by the time I reached, but seems that today everyone was still in their bed, can't wake up from last night's party. Or everyone still making U-Turn to get their umbrella? Maybe still sipping the hot coffee with milk at home.

I thought the umbrella can keep my dry from the pouring rain, but I was wrong, even the large size umbrella that golfer use in the course were still not good enuff, the rain that bounce from the ground and the water on the ground still manage get my pants wet, and still able to find their way in to my socks. Going in the office with wet pants and sock are not pleasing.

Got an encouraging message thru MSN from an old friend this morning, saying:

"Hey, I was still reading your blog, every weekend when I get online. Reading your blog become homework to me. Your blog is good, keep it up."

I will, if I got the time ok ? heheheh.


  1. 国源 said...
    yalar..raining is like tht 1 lar, this morning i went to monash mah, new monash, fucking big..but dunno why their floor fill with rain..haha..make me hampir pokai some more, so many ppl looking at me!
    AhTak said...
    HAHAHAHA !!! Pokkai !!! You are always the so hai one lah ~ HAHAHAH !!! This morning also raining dog shit ler, but luckily stopped when I reach the parking lot. Just hope later wont rain and coz traffic jam ler, I want go back sleep ......

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