Cha Siu Bao for 3

Come along 2 stray cats this morning while I was walking to office with a Cha Siu Bao in my hand ...

The first ( black cat ) was sitting in the middle of the road and blocking my way, giving me a I will die soon if you don't share that Bao with me look. I am a man with mercy, ofcoz I stopped and share a bit of my Bao with it. The the second cat ( white one ) which I saw it earlier was sitting somwhere else and try to share the Bao, summore want to take the Blackie's portion.... Damm I hope the cats can understand how small is my Cha Siu Bao loh, eventhou it might look huge to them and can last them 2~3 meals.

Looking these stray cats make me feel abit of 同病相怜, in English: Same Sickness Pity Each other... HAHAHAH, kidding lah ~ I'm sure bout the correct translation but the meaning is the same.

Translated using software

Trying so hard to survive in a big city. How hard can that be? I think We human are more pathetic. At least the cats know what are they seeking and how to get what they want. Ask yourself, you know what you want? You know how to get it? Think about it before you sleep tonight and if you have an answer, let me know.


  1. zenxy said...
    Bro.. maybe next time when u pass by that place.. u just bring ur Nepok along.. then all the cats will run off and u can hv the full CharSiu Bao all by urself...
    国源 said...
    Nepok maybe bully back by those stray cat ler, nepok look so tht innocense!
    AhTak said...
    I think NePok will hunt the cats just like any other beagle hunting rabbits .. AHHAHAHAA

    Look innocence only. You haven't try playing chase with that fella ~hehehee

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