Canon Ixus 60 for sale ..

Letting go of my Canon Ixus 60 at RM700 together with a 1GB card ...

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  • 6.0 Megapixel

  • Auto Rotate on a 2.5 Inch LCD

  • 3 Optical Zoom

  • Long Batt Life

  • Uses Lithium Batt

  • Let me know if you are interested ....


    1. 国源 said...
      i'll try ask my fren want to buy or not, but got 3 of my frens want to buy DSLR, hahaha..
      AhTak said...
      Uhh .... Sold already ... But thanks anyway ~
      Anonymous said...
      Hey! I'm using that too... It's a gud cam... Why sell it? Getting a better one?
      AhTak said...
      Quite a nice camera, but I hardly use it ler, so maybe selling it cheap to someone who need it more ~ heheh

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