As requested by CinDee, here is the Special Edtition dedicated speacially only for CinDee ....
Drivers of some Racing Team...


  1. ***cinDee*** said...
    hee heeee.. hee heee
    haa haaaa.. haa haaa
    hoo hoooo.. hoo hooo
    hii hiiii.. hii hiii
    huh huuuu.. huu huuu

    altho..not so cute like kimi raikonen..but boleh ah.
    at least got guys ;p
    and ho... somemore ho... its dedicated to me... so touchin wan ge..

    thank you
    kam sia
    time kaceh..

    LOL gila d
    AhTak said...
    CinDee see leng chai terus Ki Ciao .... HAHAHAHA
    ***cinDee*** said...
    where got..
    see u more ki the ciao
    AhTak said...
    hohohoh !!! hahahaha !!!!hehehehehe!!!!! kekekeke!!! kakakakak !!!

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