LOMO Ver 2.1.1

LOMO... I think it's some sort of a culture, something really close to everyday life, something more that just taking pictures and something everyone can simply fall into.

Started of by a bunch of kids from Viennese students, who discovered LOMO Kompakt, a Soviet made cheap and easy to use camera, compared to other camera at that time, year 1991. Characteristics of LOMO pictures: Mostly OutOfFocus, garishly coloured due to plastic lens, sneaked in lights, badly over/underexposed.

Something like this:

In this sample... Yellow is very yellow, bright is very bright, dark is very dark, badly focused ( actually no focus at all ), taken with no intenstions ..... but it looks cool to me...hehehe

Anyhow, there's 10 Rules to follow:

"take your camera everywhere you go"

"Use it anytime - day and night"

"lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it"

"try the shot from the hip"

"approach the objects of your lomographic desire as close as possible"

"dont think"

"be fast"

"you dont need to know beforehand what you captured on film"

"afterwards either"

"dont worry about any rules"

NOTE: all design above copied from lomography.com, but pictures replaced by pictures taken by me.

But for now...me still havent own a LOMO Cam yet.

Any of the models above would highly be my next purchase.... ngek ngek ngek ..... and next episode I will write a tutorial to make LOMO pics with digicams and PhotoShop... now very tired, got to go smoke. See ya....


  1. Xeus said...
    now i know about LOMO, maybe i should try it later on.
    anywhere thanks for your lecture on LOMO.
    You're really kick ass man
    国源 said...
    wah...seems so hard to take lomo pic,need to buy the camera also
    Anonymous said...
    There's a site I used to visit last time by a japanese, his pictures were great!
    AhTak said...
    Guruh Roy:

    MUST TRY !!! MUST TRY !!! hohohoh ~~~ realyl siok ler ~


    no ler ~ all my LOMO-wannabe pictures using my K750i + Photoshop gau dim ~ OfCoz the effect wont be really original, but save $$$ ...


    Where have you been ???? it's been a long long while didnt see you ler ~~~~
    Anonymous said...
    I don't online much lah, just to upload pictures and check emails only~
    Anonymous said...

    thanks for your help last night in getting that MacBook for me, and carrying those speakers around the Curve, and all the software, and for your company! waaaaaaa!!! so sexcited liao with my new MacBook... wakakakakaka!

    cya soon, yea? will come visit! :)
    Anonymous said...
    Ah Tak, since you lost your phone that day do you still use the same number?
    AhTak said...
    COme come come !!! Mostly welcome !!!! hehehehe....

    I changed number liao wow ... hhmm.... dun feel like giving out here .... hhmm....email me your number okay ?~ ;)
    Anonymous said...
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    Agnes Sim said...
    i like lomo photo also. But is not familiar with lomography. Just wan to know more about it. ;-) I'm using D40X rite now, still newbie for photography.
    Blogger said...
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