So sorry for keeping you guys waiting ..... reallly really soli about that ...
Now the deal is... from now on i will be posting maximum 3 pictures in 1 entries, which means it will help my blog to load faster on Other-Country-punya-DialUp or Malaysian-Not-So-Broadband. All pictures if it was on the same day or same event, I will group them up and host it on my site. .

Here you go ... car first ... girls still editing/enjoying.

For all the pictures of the cars... please visit , under Events...Then GQ punya pictures i need more time ler, soli soli soli ... :(


  1. Xeus said...
    Woot! a nice pictures from you.

    Yah i agree with you about Malaysia broadband like a dial up and i wonder how about the dial up? is it like it is better not to have an internet at all?

    By the way your blog seems quite loading faster even you put lots of photo.

    its better to view your blog using mozilla firefox since it could load more faster then Internet Explorer.
    国源 said...
    Hahaha...have been waited all these for so long!!
    nice capture Tak!
    Btw..using mac punya safari also quite fast to load the picture!!
    AhTak said...
    Guruh Roy:

    Thanks Dude ~ But we cant live without internet ler, no blogging .... really cant die ler ~ :(

    Due to some complains early, I have tried to resize all the pictures in Rediculously small with Super Low Quality, so that the page can load faster and people cant download my pictures and print big big ~ I think My Blog should load faster with Safari, have no experince with FireFox or IE...


    thanks ~~~ Please enjoy my pictures as much as you can ~ heheheheh Safari Rocks !!!

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