Proof of "Bring In KLIM"

To show those who dun believe I go KLIM and take pictures... these are proofs !!!

Taking picture for Leng Lui in Nissan booth.... ( Thanks babyK for the picture )

With Ken Wong... fellow Photograher ~(Thanks babyK for the picture)

With Devon ~~~ (Thanks BabyK for the picture)

With Angelina ~~~(Thanks Ken Wong for the Picture)

With... forgot her name... soli soli... ( Thanks Ken Wong for the picture)

The Ultimate tall girls in Volvo booth, Zucca & Jasmine ! (Thanks Adrian for the picture)


  1. 国源 said...
    ooo....i like the 1st 1..
    ah tak,did u look to ur left when taking tht picture??
    L B said...
    Ok, I vote for the Red Dress as your new wife!!
    AhTak said...

    No time ler .... too busy trying to take with/for every Leng Lui there ~~~~


    I wish ... I hope .... Will Dream on....... : (
    earl-ku said...
    that you girl which you do not know her name is jianz, the mitsubishi girl in red
    AhTak said...

    Thanks Dude, but I actually know her in person liao ~ Such sweet girl she is ~~~~ and you have a nice Blog ~ ; )

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