Hello Guys ~ Been so very busy and really been pissed of by the D1&D2 brothers in my shop...

Well, nvm ler, bad things always happens what. All you got to do is to find someone/thing that can cool down the "heat". Photography cools me down... Makes me happy when peoples look at my pictures and like them. Really love to look at the amazed "look" when I told them all pictures taken by me, then they will go:"有無?You take one ah ? Dun believe ler !" ... heheheh. Feels really 爽。

All pictures below was taken on the same day I went to Tugu Negara last week.

::: Please enjoy:::
This one was taken in one of the Under-ground-Tunnels in KL area, somewhere near Dataran Merdeka. I find that the structures are really cool, but kind of creepy too thou. The Blue... the darkness...but and the end of it you'll the light coming from outside... which the idea or inspiration applicable to real life too. I think everyone should have the same experience before. Felt helpless, dunno what to do, dunno where to go, dunno who to talk too..Depressed, deep sorrow and for the first time in your life you felt lonely. But no worries lah borthers and sisters ~ tomolo will be better mah ~ 明天會更好! Hope always there waiting !

The yellow Windows::
Like the colros and the layout of the windows, made me press the shutter. The windows belongs to a very old coffee shop in Jalan dunno what in Pasar Seni area. Which the old coffee shop are the type of coffee shop I like most. Old furniture, ceiling fans, old uncle serving the foods and drinks, coffee with too much milk and very very "khau" (thick). I think i can sit there for hours to enjoy the enviorment while looking at the old folks having thier drinks and chit chat about with thier pals. Its really fun listening to thier conversations. Most of the topics would be thier old days, politics. Not chicks, not cars, not computers and not celebrity. And I am wondering... When will I talk about those things and I didnt realize ? When will I be old enuff to ask money from my son and go coffee shop to waste time with my friends ?

For Sale, Urgent::
Know that this owner of the shop want to let go of the shop, urgently. How long have the shop been abundanted? Why want to sell it of? The streets seems to be a very good place to open a bussiness as there are countless of people walking by every minute. The shop was located right in the most busy street in Petalling Street. And it looks odd where the neighrbour shops are doing very good and there's a shop here with all these stickers on the door.

End of Part 1......


  1. Anonymous said...
    haha...the tunnel 1 very nice lar,its so creepy..got worms over there mah?
    AhTak said...

    very creepy ler. I can barely stay there for 10 seconds.. hehehe
    john smith said...
    On Monday, the space was filled with people, most of them there to gawk at the architecture. https://portugalurlaub.tumblr.com/post/157500315753/porto-ponte-dom-luis-i

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