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(but here malas want to write already... use imagination lah)

Traffic Light::

Zone Busy::

Stranger:Face 2 Face

Original Taste:Taste of Time

Dunno why ler... dun feel like writting today. But guess you guys always like my pictures more than my writtings. will be glad that you guys out-there will like my pictures. Some of the pictures that I've captured from time to time does at least somehow show my emotion or feelings at that time or place or the people or the things...


  1. Anonymous said...
    hey ah tuck, most of your photo that u snap, did u edit it or just purely original?
    AhTak said...
    soo hoe:

    No way !~ All/Most of my pictures were edit with PS. I love the feel and color of film photography. So the PS help me to get nearer to the feel i want.
    Anonymous said...
    street is more feel!hehe~
    AhTak said...

    Glad you like the pictures ~~~

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