Celebrating PhotoKaki-Sifu-VeeeCeee's Birthday in Friendster last night... And at the same night also Miss Orientals visit us.

:::Few of the "catches" I managed to get at the Event:::

Friendster's stickers sticking almost "everywhere" on the girls..

Can tell where am I focusing ???....

Nice.... But i think the girls are lack of some experience with poses.... Without the fingers would be good in this one.

Not the most beautiful one but she does know how to pose.... Sexy....

They are having fun wiht other photographers...

1 of my favorite among all .... Cute.

MY favorites ~~~ I mean my pick... i mean i like ... i mean.... nevermind.

I like this pic. Nice pose, lovely girl, good lighting... Color tone very nice also ~

On your left... Sexy lips, no ?

Alot more ... Here


  1. Anonymous said...
    Cool Man..... I think you're the ever first one who blog about this Miss Oriental event @ Friendster Cafe & Restaurant Damansara Perdana....It was indeed a happening night out!......Cheers!~~
    AhTak said...

    Happened to be there ~~~ Got myself a new lens ~ then.... SHOOT !!!! hehe
    Posh, Broke, & Bored said...
    the colours and tones are really nice in these shots!

    and...what is miss oriental? is it some kind of pageant?
    because i don't think very much of the girl's poses and their look, but that's just my opinion.

    my fave shot is the first one,it almost looks like her shirt is exposing the bottom of her bosom..like it was hiked up to bare a hint of breast underneath.mm.
    AhTak said...

    Thanks ! And yes... Miss = Pageant. Coz most of them are not pro-models, so dun expect much ~ hehehe

    The last pic ah ? Didnt noticed that ler !!! Girls really have better eyes over girls ~! hhmm......
    Anonymous said...
    omg!!so many leng lui!!!

    Ivan said...
    i like number 4 and number 8 pic... nice tone and nice pose.... number 4 gave me the feel ^^ do visit mine too.... http://ivankoh84.blogspot.com/
    AhTak said...

    Yeah man ... eyes dunno where to see !~ hahahaha


    The girls are posing for some other photographers ler ~ So i got to snap them without eye contact .. : (
    Anonymous said...
    they should post it @ their site as well, and i just make a comment @ Friendster Cafe Blog http://www.friendstercoffee.com/blog
    Anonymous said...
    I Love tat place....free WiFi, Lots of Magazine and they playing Awesome music @ Friendster Radio! Fun rite~
    AhTak said...

    If they want my pictures there then they will have to pay for it ~~~~ hehehe.... and ah... I really appreciate 'names', can try to leave you name next time ;p


    Yeah, lots of fun ~ But... sometimes the service abit ... eh... heheheheheh

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