Fun Fun Fun in PC Fair !

PC Fair !!! Shopping Shopping Shopping ~~~ But I went there something else ler ~

For these..... hehehe
Carol(at the left) my Sabah mate, doing well in VewSonic booth. Knew her since last year PC fair.... Words to Carol: Cheer up ~ Days will be better ahead.

Devon(at right) and her friend promoting for HP printers. Knew her also from last year's Pc Fair. But this year she is with HP. So no chatting, no dating or what so ever~

Eh, I forgot to ask thier name ler.. hehehe. 2 are the models for Pendrive Photo Contest. Take the best picture of them and win for yourself a Pendrive 512MB Memory card.

Friendly, lovely girl I knew from last year PC Fair.This girl very Geng one ah, can see her almost everymonth on car magazine covers.

All the girls from Sony. Very hard to take picture for them lah, since all the Mah Lat Lou keep on asking them questions but obviously thier eyes are focued on somewhere else rather than Sony Laptops or leaflet. Ceh... Waited about 10 mins there standing for them to gather and pose for me.

Girls in Pc Fairs... Super Fantastically Chun !!!


  1. Anonymous said...
    NABEH! No fair lar you got to shoot all the lovely ladies.

    AhTak said...

    no worry.... we can also go shoot again on the next one ~ With 50mm 1.8 ? hehehehehe
    Anonymous said...
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