Yeah ~~ Yeah ~~~ AhTak came back to update the blg after leaving it alone for so many days ... soli ler ... really been busy lately.. hehehe.

Well, last night been shooting girls in Bangsa avenue for the Heat 2 of the 2006 Miss Oriental Selangor Stage. Fun Fun Fun ! And last night also I put my hand on the Ultimate Nikkor AF-S 70-200mm 2.8 VR...Fantastic les.... Any readers here willing sponsor the lens to AhTak ? I promise for alot more pictures from that lens ~! heheheh

Enjoy youself here with the pictures ~

What do you think ? Any better compare to last week ? In terms of my Photography... and the girls ofcoz ~ hehehehehe


  1. Anonymous said...
    good good good!! The girl still ok..but the stage design very poor lar,let me help them design lar,haha!!
    Anonymous said...

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