Yah, where are the pictures ??? Shit you lah AhTak !! Liar !!! No pictures ?!??!

Well, just got everything that are suppose to be in my camera but they wasn't there and which I can finally get them packed into my camera bag!!!

1. Tamron SP90 Di Macro 1:1 ... see the " 1:1 " at the back? That means 1:1 ration, what ever the size of the object that you are taking will be the same ration appear on the film.

2. Nikon SB-600 SppedLite. Yeah, really practically usefull for my kind of photography. But since I wll be going back to Lahad Datu for Chinese New Year, every relatives I have will be expecting alot of portrait shoots of them from me...Since I have the "largest" camera (bigger than my dad's film SLR) in the family. So this flash will be very usefull then, to bounce the flash off the ceiling and have a more balanced flash of the "model"... also i can set the Flash as a off-camera remote flash. Which is to get more flexible and creative lighting on my macro and abstract pictures.... hmmm hmm hmmm...

3. Some rechargeble batts.

4. New Backpack to fit:

1 X Nikon D70
1 X Nikkor AF-S 18-70mm
1 X Tamron 70-300mm
1 X Tamron SP90mm Macro
1 X Nikon SB-600 SpeedLite
1 X EL-M charger
1 X GP 4 Piece AA chager
4 X GP AA 2500 Batt
1 X Apple PowerBook 15"
1 X 65W Charger for PowerBook
1 X iPod Nano
2 X East Touch Mags
1 X Nike T-shirt
1 X House Key

Total cost: almost 10KG


Sorry about the picture ah .... no time oh....... and was raining thise morning....


  1. Anonymous said...
    hahaha, you liar!!! brake our heart...hahaha
    seetmui said...
    ah tak...
    make sure u use the flash properly... don't be nicked flasher!!!...
    what back pack is that? cost how much? next time i want leng leng potrait u can snap for me free ah??? haha... those not leng lui (me) snap until become leng leng leng lui one wor... can can???
    AhTak said...

    Dun like that ler ~~~ rainie days here oh.... not the weather you want to take pictures for flower mah ~ heheheh


    I am using a STM er ~ RM299 consider very cheap know ~

    Eh, i think you picked the wrong photographer with a wrong field also ler, my portraits sucks lah ~~~ I can basically make anyone look like a pig thru my lens ~ hahah

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