When Cold meets Hot...

It's always great to have bunch of idiot friends shitting around, beers laying around, and fighting for what songs we should play for the night... I love Jazz music, or maybe lounge, Ah Lei anything will do, Edward have no sense to music at all, so don't bother, and Khin will like that Top10 in FM98.8. HHhmmm..... Different people will have totally different taste. Different taste then come differet opinion which lead to argument and maybe fighiting at the end, if you don't know where to stop, you got what I mean ?

Friendship doen's comes easy,
And not easy to keep too........


  1. Anonymous said...
    yea,u're rite..when u meet different kind of ppl, u have to change the way u talk,u act n etc
    sometimes,its good to not being urself for ....a few mins? caz wat u win is ,tht ppl's heart!

    Anonymous said...
    that's make the world so beautiful, full of colour!! i don't dare to imagine if the world has the same type of people, same colour ...and same sex???
    that's life man!
    AhTak said...

    The art for survival ~


    Yeah man ... the beauty of Girls for boys, and the beauty of Leng Chai for the girls ~ hahaha~~ hahahahaha

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