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Happy Birthday .... to ME ~~~
Happy Birthday .... to ME ~~~
Happy Birthday .... to Myself ~~~

Happy Birthday .... to ME ~~~

So cham got to sing birthday song to myself ...
( And it was yesterday .... )


  1. Anonymous said...
    Oooo...sound pity wor...kakakaka, HAPPY BIRTHDAY bro....wish ur current JOB DO WELL END WELL EVERYDAY!!!

    Bkworm said...
    From one Gemini to another one...

    chu ni shen re kuai le
    chu ni shen re kuai le
    chu ni shen re kuai le
    chu ni shen re kuai le!!
    Anonymous said...
    gung juk nei fuk sao hum chan goh tao~
    hing hor nei hum mai goh bei~
    nin nin dou yao gum yak~
    shui shui dou yao gong jiu~
    gung hei nei~ gung hei nei~

    gung hei nei geh nei ah~
    nei lou mei geh mei ah~
    mei sik fan geh fan ah~~...
    rainbow angeles said...
    ah tak, chuk lei sang yat fai lok. nin nin yao gam yat, sui sui yao kam jiu...
    may said...
    Happy Birthday to YOUUUUUU!!

    shengri kuaile!!
    国源 said...
    happy burthday leh!!
    AhTak said...
    hey guys !!! Thanks for all the wishes ~ hehehehe.

    just lack of a cake and some candles perhapes ?~ hehehe
    Anonymous said...
    Happy belated birthday! Late one day still counted one hor?

    Did you play the song "Zhu wo sheng ri kuai le" by Wen Lan?
    AhTak said...
    Thanks ~ Sure sing that song if go karaoke, my gf's fav song to sing ~ ;)
    Chen said...
    happy birthday ahtak :)
    Wishing u many happy returns :)
    The Miserable said...
    Aheemm... Happy Belated Birthday.
    Mahai, got wish you already damn bei min, you still want to demand so much ah??
    Winn said...
    happy belated bday ah tak!!
    AhTak said...
    Soli guys ... busy hence late reply .... :(

    ThankKiu ~~ ThankKiu ~~~

    Diu ... birthday not dai 9 sai one meh ?~?~?? DUn care !!!

    Terima Kasi manyak mangak !~~~

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