I think better start posting before everyone forgot that I'm a blogger. Not exactly, but you can name me what ever you like....

Been busy lately in the office with the database and a directory CD that require Javascipt, getting things ready for the "move house" next week, and few more activities coming in by next week onwards, you know me lah, I can have so many excuses to skip updating my blog .. hehehe. Anyway, I dun have much time to spend here, so I've keep it short...

As for last last week:

We had fun in AhLei's house, with me, AhLei himself and Jack. That we stay there till 440AM.

I'm not really into sake ( Japanese Rice Wine ) and ShoJu ( Korean Rice Wine ), I still prefer beer, let it be Kirin or Budweiser, even the Heineken will do.
But I kind of like the smell of the Sake and ShoJu, very fresh and I even smell and tasted Bamboo ! Nice ~ 3 bottles including 1 bottle of RedWine left in AhLei's house and we're going to sapu them all this weekend. Damm, I thought I quit alcohol ?!

We left around 4:30AM and had breakfast 11AM the nexxt morning. That's not cool, that's tiring ....

Followed by:

Not really succeed coz the blardy puff just wont pop, they blame it to me where I squeeze the puffs in a very funny manner before putting in the oven. My bad I guess ...

And also a Hong Dao Shui that shouldn't be here. I used red beans that've been stored in the cupboard for 2 years. Dont worry, I just want to prove that 2 years old red bean cant make Hong Dao Shui, not intented to eat.

And last weekend, I didnt take picture at all and can you imagine that ?!?!? ( not really NOT AT ALL lah, but nothing about the activities we have like waiting for Movie, shopping in 1U, DimSum here and there, .... etc etc. And now I am got to try out Jack's Nikon Coolpix 7600 that I intent to exchange it with my Canon Ixus 60. I like picture's color and quality, I dun like the look and size and I dun like it using AA batts. Considering ....

Image Quality VS Look
Color accuracy VS AA Batts


  1. 国源 said...
    Wow, the sake and shoju seems so tasty! Wan to try someday..
    Haha..never forget ahtak is a blogger de, got many interesting pics to see..
    AhTak said...
    hohohoh ~~~ Thanks for the comment ~we can have sake together sometime mah ~~~
    Anonymous said...
    Miss that sake and shoju matter what we had tasted that day. Only 1 taste always i remember, it is brotherhood's taste. Thanks god we are brother.

    from jack

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