Yaloh ... Been listening to this band since secondary school, a great band they really were and still. The most famous song they have which made me listen to them was the " 60's TV ", and when they sing for The 9th FIFA/Coca Cola Cup World Youth Championship theme song, they are really hot !!!

And this is one of the latest song from OAG.

Imajin aku Tvmu
Transmisionku terbit untukmu
Dramaku produk khas siaranmu
Trans-sonet gelora Satelit Chinta

Imajin aku radiomu
Intermisionku orbit untukmu
E-ramaku rekord khas hiburanmu
Inter-planet kejora Ke marikh asth-mara WO'o'oo

per-MY-suri rumahku
per-My-suri radarku
per-MY-suri syurgaku.. wO'o'oo
Yang teristimewa

Imajin aku Vjmu
Transvisiku terbitan untukmu
Karaktorku ilhamkhas pedomanmu
Trans-fonik gelora satelit chinta

Imajin aku Djmu
Intervisionku orbit untukmu
Metaforku iltizamkhas buatmu
Inter-sonik kejora Ke-marikh asth-mara Wo'o'oo

Not bad huh ?~ hehehehe.

From here I hope that everyone reading my blog can appreciate the effort of local Musician. Malay songs are not just Minor chords and shouting-high-key-neverends... Nah, Malaysian Musician can do lots more better than that.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Dear Tak,
    well.. this is good. feel wanna jam liao. wait 4 u back to kk bro.

    From: zero5-phh
    AhTak said...

    You have no idea how i much i miss jamming with you guys back in KK .......
    Anonymous said...
    Keep up the good work » » »

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