I Dun Care Anymore !!!

So this fella come in with his "FREE-HSBC-IPOD-SHUFFLE" into my shop....
You can get it for free when you open up an account in HSBC...
FOR FREE which means he didnt buy from me !!! Why should I give him the service ? Maybe I am kind ? Nah..... Not anymore.... I charged him ~ hehehehe

Well If he came in with a Mac, I would still have an "excuse" to help him loh... Mac user mah ~ But he came in with the things I hated most !!! ACER TravelMate + WindowsXP Pro ~~ OMG !!!! I AM GOING TO CHARGE THIS GUY KHAU KHAU !!!

Tak: have you installed iTunes in you PC?
Him: Yes, so many times. ( Which I found out he didnt )
Tak:Have you.......
Him: Yes.............. (Which I also found out he didnt )

Then he start asking me questions that can be found easily on the USER MANUAL that comes FREE with the Shuffle.... I really hate this kind of people loh... If you are smart and clever, you can skip the USER MANUAL. But most of the people think they are smart but they are actually not. The USER MANUAL is for you READ BEFORE YOU USE THE PRODUCT, not just another free gift or souvenir OK ? READ IT FIRST LAH !!! ADUHAI ~~~ Bikin orang panas bah tau ?!?!?

An Acer dunno what specs + Windows XP (looks new to me):

:Used almost 3~4 minutes to start up.
:About 10~15 minutes to install iTunes on it.


  1. Emily said...
    Hahaha! All the sabah slang come out~
    AhTak said...

    Yalah... Dia orang ni bikin orang lain panas bah ~ Isk !..hhahah
    Anonymous said...
    yea,this kind of clever customer must charge them khau khau!
    Not buy from us still wan the service!
    get out from here lar!!

    Anonymous said...
    Woww!...Tak, you serious he got Ipod by just opening account?
    I open an account tomolo straight!!!
    AhTak said...

    Yalah, now on as long as the customer think he is smart but actually stupid, charge khau khau to the max ! hhahaha


    Yalah. The bank got the customer and got income. Then we Authorized Reseller got nothing but shits.

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